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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stephanie hope to get at her mother's house?

2. What key does Stephanie search the apartment for and find?

3. What advice does Morelli give Stephanie?

4. What does Morelli ask Stephanie about Mo?

5. How does Mo get away?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Mrs. Steeger and what information does she give to Stephanie about Mo's case?

2. How does Stephanie find out what kind of car Mo drives and what happens when they have no luck finding Mo's car?

3. What does Stephanie think might be the reason Mo is hiding or is the reason for his actions?

4. What is the only interesting thing Stephanie finds in Mo's apartment the second time she searches and what theory does this find disprove?

5. Who is Uncle Mo and why doesn't Stephanie want to take his case?

6. What reasoning does Stephanie use to decide that it is appropriate for her to accept Mo's case?

7. Why does Stephanie call Morelli, what does she tell him and what slips her mind for a minute?

8. What does Ranger give back to Stephanie before he leaves?

9. Who is waiting for Lula at the office when she and Stephanie get back there and what does she want?

10. What rumors does Stephanie hear about Mo and how does the community feel about Stephanie searching for him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Which character in Stephanie's life is most influential? Why do you think it is this character? Which character in Stephanie's life is most like yourself? How are you and this character alike?

Essay Topic 2

What did you like about the writing style of the author? What didn't you like about the writing style of the author?

Essay Topic 3

How would you describe Stephanie's methods for catching her skips? Do you think she will continue to be a successful bounty hunter? Why or why not?

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