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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Stephanie take Ranger?
(a) Back to her apartment.
(b) To the bail bond's office.
(c) To her parent's house for dinner.
(d) To her favorite restaurant.

2. How is Stephanie hurt in Mo's candy store?
(a) She is hit over the head.
(b) She is beaten on her arms.
(c) She is cut on the leg.
(d) She is burned on her hand.

3. Who has lured Stephanie to Mo's candy store?
(a) Mo.
(b) A drug dealer.
(c) Morelli.
(d) The same men who shot at her and offered her money.

4. How does Stephanie attempt to enter Mo's store?
(a) Through the back.
(b) Through the front door.
(c) She doesn't, she waits in her car.
(d) Through a window.

5. What does Morelli do to prove to Stephanie that he is angry when he hears the answering machine tape?
(a) He smashes some dishes.
(b) He yells into the phone.
(c) He kisses her.
(d) He punches a wall.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Stephanie and Lula get into Leroy's apartment?

2. Why does Stephanie interview Reverend Bill?

3. What is Stuart's new job?

4. Which of the following terms seems to describe Stephanie?

5. Why does Stephanie decide to spy on Morelli?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do the men who broke into Stephanie's apartment do to her gerbil and why do they say they are taking this action?

2. What did Mo do to get a drug dealer off of his back?

3. What do the men who have taken Stephanie into Mo's store do to her and tell her they are planning on doing if she doesn't stop looking for Mo?

4. What surprise does Stephanie find in her bedroom when she wakes up the next morning and what does the surprise lead her to do?

5. How does Mo feel when Stephanie finds him and what has he been afraid of?

6. What does Ranger ask Stephanie to do to help with the take down and what happens?

7. What does Stephanie do after she decides to go and visit Dickie for a second time and what does she learn?

8. What precautions does Stephanie take to ensure no one gets into her apartment without her knowing it and how does it work?

9. How do Mo's neighbors react to Stephanie's questions about Mo?

10. What information does Vinnie get for Stephanie and how does he get it?

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