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Chapter 1

• Stephanie is a bounty hunter who works for her cousin Vinnie through his bail bonds office.

• Vinnie gives Stephanie a new file for a local candy store owner who everyone refers to as Uncle Mo.

• Uncle Mo is well liked in the community and Stephanie knows that she won't be liked if she tries to capture him. However, she agrees to take the case.
• Stephanie and her friend Lula, who works in the office filing and is an ex prostitute, go to the candy store.

• Stephanie talks to Mo's neighbors including one who had been Stephanie's previous teacher who she didn't like. No one knows where Mo may be.

• Stephanie and Lila go and check out Mo's apartment and a cop who is also friends with Stephanie stops by as his neighbors called the police.
• Stephanie talks to the neighbors and even gives one of the young...

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