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Short Answer Questions

1. Who wrote the Afterword for Thirteen Days?

2. According to Robert in "Some of the things we learned . . .," what must a President have access to?

3. Who was Tommy Thompson?

4. Who is supposed to declare war according to the Constitution?

5. What do men have the power to do today that they did not in past war making?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is JFK referencing when he says that "we are now in an entirely new ball game" (74)? What has changed?

2. What does Robert tell is the final lesson learned in the Cuban Missile Crisis?

3. Analyze the simile "the leaders who lived through the crisis felt what it was like to peer over the precipice" (104)?

4. When the crisis was over, why did Kennedy not make a statement assigning credit for the success? And why did he instruct all involved not to provide one either?

5. What made the prospect of war unbearable to JFK?

6. In the letter received October 26th, what does Khrushchev claim is the reason he sent weapons to Cuba?

7. According to Robert, how did time before the crisis was publicized effect the President's decisions?

8. Why did JFK choose the Marucla for the first vessel to be boarded?

9. Why does Robert claim that "we cannot be an island even if we wished; nor can we successfully separate ourselves from the rest of the world" (94)?

10. How does JFK view the military advisers recommending war? Why does he feel this way?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Cuban Missile Crisis presented itself as a first ever occurrence for the U.S., and modern technology played a role in how it was handled. Identify three ways that technology effected how the Cuban Missile Crisis was handled and why it had this effect.

Essay Topic 2

The Munich Agreement/Conference has influenced political decisions for many years since its occurrence. In an essay, describe what happened in Munich and compare and contrast this with the Cuban Missile Crisis. Is the Munich Agreement/Conference still relevant today? How so?

Essay Topic 3

The importance of communication is stressed throughout Thirteen Days. In an essay analyze this theme. You may want to answer one or more of the following questions in your essay: When is communication important? When are secrets kept? How does communication solve problems? How is communication flawed when there is a language barrier? Who needs to be communicating in a crisis? How important is communication?

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