These Is My Words Short Essay - Answer Key

Nancy E. Turner
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1. What does Sarah do when she is killing a chicken?

Sarah is sent to kill a chicken, and when the bird calmly waits to be killed, Sarah begins screaming at the bird to fight back. Savannah comes to her and takes over the chore, telling her father that he is wrong to condemn Sarah for her actions.

2. What happens to Sarah and the girls at the river?

When Sarah, Ulyssa and Savannah are swimming at the river, some men come upon them and hold Sarah and Savannah at knife point while they rape Ulyssa. Sarah gets away on the horse and gets a gun to kill the two men.

3. What happens when the Indians raid the camp after the experience at the river?

After the horrible experience at the river, Indians come into the group again and take almost all the horses, except the one Sarah had ridden when she killed the men by the river, taking time to hand the reins of that horse over to Sarah. The family has lost all the horses they planned to use to start a ranch.

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