Objects & Places from These Is My Words

Nancy E. Turner
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San Angelo

This is where Sarah's father has decided that the family should settle; it is also where he dies.

Arizona Territory

This is where Sarah and her family settle. She notes that there has been too much blood spilled for her to be willing to leave the land behind.

Cienega Creek

This is the area where Sarah, her mother and two brothers plan to settle upon their return from where her father died.


This is where the land office is for the filing of land claims.

The Duchess of Warwick and Her Sorrows by the Sea

This is the book that Sarah finds a single page to and that Captain Elliot takes as payment for the horses.

Carillio Gardens

This is the place where Sarah and April picnic with Jack Elliot.

Saint Mary's Hospital

This is where Jack goes after being shot during a train robbery...

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