These Is My Words Fun Activities

Nancy E. Turner
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The Duchess of Warwick

Find a copy of the Duchess of Warwick and read it, or a summary of it, to the class. Have the students discuss whether or not they think Sarah would have liked it as much if she had read the whole thing.

Page 87

Sarah only had page 87 of The Duchess of Warwick. Bring in page 87 from some other books and have the students read them, and write about what impression they get from just one page of the stories.


This book was in a diary format. Have the students keep a journal while reading this book and talk about why it was so important for Sarah to keep a record of her life.

Ancestoral History

Nancy E. Turner loosely based this book on her great grandmother. Have the students do some research and tell a story about one of their ancestors.

Senses List

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