These Is My Words Character Descriptions

Nancy E. Turner
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Sarah Prine

This character's courage is an important aspect of her life and personality, as shown in her experience with the mutilated woman.

Jack Elliot

This character is a member of the Cavalry detachment assigned to guard a group on their trip from San Angelo back eastward.

Savannah Prine

This character gets married and leaves her own family behind to become part of her new married family. She was raised as a Quaker.

Ernest William Prine

This character is shot in the leg by an arrow during an Indian attack early in the journey to San Angelo.

Clover Prine

This character is six when the family sets out on the trip to San Angelo and dies of a snake bite.

Albert Prine

This character is quiet, but solid and dependable. He loves his wife completely and, faced with the possibility of her death, is emotional and pleads with...

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