These Is My Words Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nancy E. Turner
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July 22, 1881, through September 30, 1881

• Sarah and her family leave for San Angelo. They move from Phoenix and travel across Texas hoping to start a profitable ranch there.

• Sarah writes of her experience as they travel with two other families with daughters. She has 3 brothers.

• Clover calls out one night that a snake is in his bed. Mama puts him back to sleep saying it was a dream. He dies of a snake bite the next day.
• The group is attacked by Indians. 2 people are killed. Papa gets shot in the arm, and Ernest loses a leg when he is hit with an arrow.

• Sarah, Savannah and Ulyssa are swimming in a stream when 2 men come and rape Ulyssa. Sarah escapes, gets a gun, and kills the men.

• Some Indians come across the scene and take the scalps of the men and leave them for Sarah.
• Ulyssa's family are Quakers...

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