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Short Answer Questions

1. What happens after Kino reacts to Juana moving the pearl in Chapter 5?

2. What is the highest offer Kino gets for his pearl in Chapter 4?

3. To what does Kino compare himself in Chapter 5, after losing his house?

4. Where does Kino place Juana and Coyotito for the night while in the moutains in Chapter 6?

5. How far away is the capital from Kino's home?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the man and trackers as they rest for the night.

2. Why does Juana try to destroy the pearl after their failed attempt at selling it?

3. What do Juan Tomas and Kino talk about on the way to sell the pearl?

4. What motivation do the pearl buyers have to purchase the great pearl at a low price?

5. What does Juana do when she senses Kino running after her in the dark when she is going to throw the pearl back into the sea?

6. Describe the water Kino's family finds while on the run in Chapter 6.

7. What happens in Kino's dream in Chapter 6 while on the run?

8. Where does Kino hope to lose the trackers?

9. What is evil beyond thinking to Kino?

10. Why does Kino take off his clothes in Chapter 6?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ignorance is an unfortunate partner to racism in this novel. How does ignorance play an important role in how Kino reacts to his environment?

1.) How does Kino react when the priest mentions knowledge from the book? What is his solution?

2.) Why is Juana's seaweed poultice not seen as a valid treatment for Coyotito?

3.) Why does Kino want Coyotito to go to school?

Essay Topic 2

The theme of powerful forces manipulating the environment is prevalent throughout the novel. Explain how the following sentence is a good example of foreshadowing in the novel:

"Kino watched with the detachment of God while a dusty ant frantically tried to escape the sand trap an ant lion had dug for him."

Essay Topic 3

For the villagers, they trust things of the spirit and things of the imagination before they will trust their own eyes. Describe how this overall belief is shown in the villagers' actions, Juana's actions and the way they react to their situation.

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