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Short Answer Questions

1. How many pearl buyers are there for Kino?

2. How long will Juan hide Kino and Juana in Chapter 5?

3. What time of day do the trackers reach the pool near Kino's family?

4. After Kino grabs the pearl from Juana in Chapter 5, what does he do?

5. Which song does Kino not sing in his head throughout the novel?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Kino take off his clothes in Chapter 6?

2. Where does Kino want to go after he leaves Juan Tomas's house in Chapter 5?

3. Describe the clothing of Juana, Coyotito and Kino on the day of the pearl sale.

4. Why do all the divers leave their canoes on the beach the morning after Kino's big pearl find?

5. What is evil beyond thinking to Kino?

6. Describe the man and trackers as they rest for the night.

7. What is Kino's plan of attack if the trackers do not pass his family on the road?

8. Why do Juana and Kino run in the wagon tracks?

9. Describe the water Kino's family finds while on the run in Chapter 6.

10. What motivation do the pearl buyers have to purchase the great pearl at a low price?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Although they rarely speak, music plays an integral role in the novel. Describe its impact on different dramatic scenes within the novel.

1.) When does Kino hear certain songs -- and why? What triggers these songs to start in his mind?

2.) How does Juana mix the ancient songs with the modern religion of Catholicism in her mind?

Essay Topic 2

What does the capital represent to the villagers and to Kino?

1.) How does Kino find the trek to the capital -- a path where every step is filled with the unknown?

2.) How do the pearl buyers feel about the capital?

3.) Why do few villagers travel to the capital, although they could possibly get a better deal for their pearls?

Essay Topic 3

Kino's attackers are never defined in the novel. What importance does this have? What significance would it bring to the novel if we knew who was attacking Kino? Describe how the unknown attackers influence Kino's behavior and paranoia.

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