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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the pearl is brought to town, it holds all the men's dreams and desires.. and what else?
(a) All their money.
(b) only happiness.
(c) A curious dark residue.
(d) A bright light.

2. After Kino dives in the water in Chapter 2, what song plays in his head?
(a) Song of Hope.
(b) Song of the Sea.
(c) Song of Diving.
(d) Song of the Pearl that Might Be.

3. When does Kino sing the Song of the Undersea?
(a) When he wakes up in the morning.
(b) While diving for oysters.
(c) When he paddles out to the oyster bed.
(d) When he opens up the oysters after his dive.

4. What surprising thing does Juana do after Coyotito is stung?
(a) She screams and attacks Kino
(b) She calls for the doctor.
(c) She drops him on the floor.
(d) She walks out of the house

5. What stings Coyotito?
(a) A hornet.
(b) A bee.
(c) A fire ant.
(d) A scorpion.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the family eat every morning?

2. What makes the insect that stings Coyotito fall into Coyotito's bed?

3. According to Chapter 3, who will punish Kino for rebelling against the way things are?

4. What is the name of the main character?

5. What does Kino do when he sees the pearl in Chapter 2?

Short Essay Questions

1. Name some of the dreams that Kino has with his pearl?

2. What do the people of the Gulf trust?

3. Describe Kino and Juana's home.

4. Why does Kino always have a song in his head?

5. What does Juana do as soon as the scorpion bites Coyotito?

6. How does Juana react when she sees the pearl for the first time?

7. Why does Juana not believe the poultice to be a good solution for Coyotito?

8. What does the town call the pearl when they hear about it?

9. Why does Juana shrill for Kino when she sees Coyotito in Chapter 2?

10. Name the two colors that make up the canoes that line the beach.

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