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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the welcoming pearl buyer put by his desk in Chapter 4?
(a) A wad of money.
(b) A small knife.
(c) A scarlet hibiscus flower.
(d) A silver pen.

2. How many men are tracking the Kino and his family after they run away?
(a) Three.
(b) Five.
(c) One.
(d) Two.

3. When does Kino hear the trackers coming towards him and his family in Chapter 6?
(a) After breakfast.
(b) In his dream.
(c) In his delirium.
(d) When they yell at him.

4. What does Juana gives Coyotito to keep him quiet when the trackers go by?
(a) A twig.
(b) A piece of candy.
(c) A corncake.
(d) Her breast for feeding.

5. What is the name of Kino's town?
(a) The name is not given.
(b) Apalee.
(c) La Truce.
(d) La Paz.

6. What does one pearl buyer call the great pearl?
(a) A monstrosity.
(b) A fake concoction made by Juana.
(c) A beautiful thing of great value.
(d) A surprise.

7. Where do Kino and Juana watch their house being destroyed in Chapter 5?
(a) From the cracks in Juan's home.
(b) From the mountain cliffs.
(c) From the beach coast.
(d) From the street.

8. Where does Kino suggest to go once he and his family are in the mountains?
(a) West.
(b) Back to the beach.
(c) To a mountain community.
(d) North.

9. What does Juana plead for after Kino is attacked in Chapter 4?
(a) To find the pearl buyer and sell the pearl quickly.
(b) To destroy the pearl.
(c) To sleep in the church.
(d) To run after their attacker.

10. When Juana hears Kino say "I am a man" what does she think he is?
(a) Strength.
(b) Pure ego.
(c) Pure happiness.
(d) Half insane and half god.

11. What does Juana grab to help protect Kino against the attack after Juan leaves?
(a) A large stick.
(b) A stone from the fire hole.
(c) A sharp knife.
(d) Her shoe.

12. How does Juana react when she sees the dead man in Chapter 5?
(a) She throws sand over him to try and bury him.
(b) She walks over him and continues home.
(c) She realizes they must save themselves.
(d) She screams and runs away.

13. Kino tells Juan that if he gives up the pearl, he will also lose ______________.
(a) His happiness.
(b) His livelihood.
(c) His son's chance to go to school.
(d) his soul.

14. How old is Kino's tribe?
(a) 400-years old.
(b) Two decades old.
(c) 800-years old.
(d) 1,000-years old.

15. In Chapter 4, where does Kino threaten to go to get a better price on his pearl?
(a) To another country.
(b) To come back tomorrow.
(c) To another town.
(d) To the capital.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which songs are in Kino's head as he and his family are running away in Chapter 6?

2. What does Juana do to protect herself from the evil night air?

3. How does Kino know that his pearl is valuable?

4. What gives Kino a strong sense of protection during his and his family's running escape in Chapter 6?

5. Who raises a formal lament for the presumed death of Kino and Juana?

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