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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What payment does Kino offer the doctor?
(a) Eight misshapen pearls.
(b) One tiny pearl.
(c) His canoe.
(d) Oysters.

2. What do the other canoeists do when Kino reacts to his pearl in Chapter 2?
(a) Try to tip over his canoe.
(b) Paddle to him.
(c) Scream at him.
(d) Start diving on his oysters.

3. What is the town compared to in Chapter 3?
(a) The beach sand.
(b) A dog.
(c) A forest.
(d) A colonial animal.

4. In Chapter 2, what two things does Kino tie his two ropes to?
(a) The boat and a heavy stone.
(b) A basket and the boat.
(c) A heavy stone and a basket.
(d) The boat and a bunch of oysters.

5. What color is the water in Chapter 2 as Kino is diving?
(a) Bright green.
(b) Dark blue.
(c) Grey-green.
(d) Pale blue.

6. What is the first thing Juana does when she gets out of bed?
(a) Lights a fire.
(b) Makes the bed.
(c) Get dressed.
(d) Checks on Coyotito.

7. What city does the doctor dream of?
(a) Paris.
(b) New York City.
(c) London.
(d) Rome.

8. What do the beggars do when they hear about Kino's pearl?
(a) They argue with each other.
(b) They are scared.
(c) They giggle.
(d) They run to his house.

9. Who visits Kino as Juana is making dinner in Chapter 3?
(a) Two men; one is the doctor.
(b) Kino's parents.
(c) The priest again.
(d) Juan and Apolonia.

10. What do the villagers not trust to show them clear lines and boundaries?
(a) Their imagination.
(b) Their minds.
(c) Their eyes.
(d) The spirits.

11. What happened when the pearl buyers gave a fisherman a price that was too low?
(a) He gave his pearls to the church.
(b) He smashed his pearls to bits.
(c) He killed one of the pearl buyers.
(d) He went to the next town and got a better price.

12. What does the doctor say when he hears about Kino's pearl?
(a) "I will visit him later today."
(b) "He is a patient of mine."
(c) "He stole it!"
(d) "He tried to rob me."

13. In addition to the bow and stern, what else is on Kino's canoe?
(a) A sail.
(b) A hole to hold the oysters.
(c) A mast for a lantern.
(d) A net.

14. What is Kino's first promise spoken out loud when asked about the pearl?
(a) That he will buy a car.
(b) That he and Juana will be married.
(c) That he will buy Juana jewelry.
(d) That he will move.

15. What does Juana say to herself after Coyotito is stung?
(a) She screams.
(b) She says nothing at all.
(c) "Hail Mary."
(d) "Song of Evil."

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kino see when he looks at the pearl in Chapter 2?

2. What does Juana pray for before they go out searching for pearls that morning in Chapter 2?

3. Which of these things is described in Chapter 2 as being on the bottom of the sea?

4. What two animals roam the beach looking for food every morning?

5. How does the priest treat Kino and his family in Chapter 3?

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