The Pearl Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does the narrator describe Juana’s appearance?

Juana is a woman with long, dark black hair that she ties in two braids with green ribbons. She often wears a blue shawl and skirt that is worn with age.

2. How is Kino’s home described?

Kino and Juana live in a single-room hut made of thatch with a fire pit for cooking, their bed, and Coyotito's hanging box.

3. Why does Kino respect his canoe so much?

Kino respects his canoe because it was brought from Nayarit by his grandfather and ensures his family will not starve.

4. Why does Kino always have a song in his head?

Kino always has a song in his head because music has been an integral part of his people for generations and he has a song in his head no matter what happens to him.

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