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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Juan believe the bad wind to be good for Kino?
(a) It will blow the evil from him.
(b) It will cover his tracks.
(c) It will blow him towards a good destination.
(d) It will protect him from too much heat.

2. When the pearl is brought to town, it holds all the men's dreams and desires.. and what else?
(a) only happiness.
(b) A curious dark residue.
(c) All their money.
(d) A bright light.

3. How long is the knife Juan hands to Kino in Chapter 5?
(a) Two inches.
(b) Ten inches.
(c) Five inches.
(d) Eighteen inches.

4. What is evil beyond thinking to Kino?
(a) Killing a boat.
(b) Killing an animal.
(c) Leaving his home.
(d) Killing a man.

5. What does Kino become when he has the pearl?
(a) Every man's enemy.
(b) Everyone's best friend.
(c) A nominee for sainthood.
(d) The richest man in town.

Short Answer Questions

1. Kino tells Juan that if he gives up the pearl, he will also lose ______________.

2. How does Juana react to Kino's wildest dream about the pearl?

3. Where do Kino and Juana watch their house being destroyed in Chapter 5?

4. According to Chapter 3, who will punish Kino for rebelling against the way things are?

5. Why does Juana get upset when she takes the poultice off Coyotito in Chapter 2?

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