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Chapter 1

• Kino awakes moments before dawn and sees his wife Juana already awake and watching him.
• Juana wakes their son Coyotito carefully and prepares for the day ahead.
• Just after breakfast, a scorpion falls into Coyotito's crib and stings him.
• Coyotito screams and Juana tries to suck the poison out.

• Hopeless, she tells Kino that she wants to see the doctor.
• Followed by the people of their village, Juana and Kino take Coyotito to the doctor.

• He refuses to see them since they have little money.

Chapter 2

• They return back to their village and home.
• Kino takes his canoe out for the day to search for pearls.
• Together, Kino and Juana hope for a great pearl that would pay for Coyotito's medical needs.
• Kino finds the greatest pearl in the world.
• Kino howls with happiness and the other divers paddle to his canoe to see the miracle.

Chapter 3

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