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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is on each of the children's papers?
(a) Nothing. They are blank.
(b) A secret message.
(c) Gift certificates.
(d) Colored pictures.

2. What is the tone as the story begins?
(a) Dreary and ominous.
(b) Cheerful, bright, and colorful.
(c) Dry like a newspaper article.
(d) An average day with overcast sky.

3. What is Jackson's first element of surprise in the story?
(a) Mr. Summers changing the tradition.
(b) Mr. Graves forgetting the stool.
(c) Tessie being late for the lottery.
(d) The boys gathering stones.

4. What is Jackson satirizing by having the children participate so willingly in the stoning?
(a) Parents who let their children run their lives.
(b) Bringing children up with adults' biases.
(c) Hansel and Gretle.
(d) Well behaved children.

5. Is Mr. Summers exempt from the lottery?
(a) No. He calls out his own name, too.
(b) Yes. But he makes a pretense of drawing anyway.
(c) No. But he is the only one allowed to look into the box while drawing.
(d) Yes. Otherwise they would have to get a new administrator every year.

6. Who is assigned to conduct the lottery?
(a) Mr. Summers.
(b) Mr. Graves.
(c) Mr. Hutchinson.
(d) Mr. Martin.

7. What does Mr. Graves carry onto the village square?
(a) A three-legged stool.
(b) A trumpet to begin the ceremony.
(c) A roster of the village people.
(d) An American flag.

8. What is revealing about the social order of the village?
(a) The children and running around unsupervised.
(b) The women hold a superior position.
(c) The men and women are not together.
(d) The men are drinking ale.

9. Which man holds the winning paper?
(a) Old man Warner.
(b) Mr. Graves.
(c) Bob Martin.
(d) Bill Hutchinson.

10. In general, what type of village is the setting of the story?
(a) A mining village.
(b) A farming village.
(c) A retirement village.
(d) A manufacturing village.

11. What is stressed as important to the lottery all through the story?
(a) That family is the least important thing in the village.
(b) That everyone does not need to be present.
(c) That everyone knows how the tradition began.
(d) That it is a tradition that must be continued.

12. What does Tessie's paper mean?
(a) She will have to draw again.
(b) She gets to select the winner.
(c) She is out of the lottery.
(d) She has been chosen.

13. What does Jackson hint in the story when Tessie is very late arriving?
(a) That Tessie is not originally from the village.
(b) That Tessie is always late for everything.
(c) That Tessie is a scatter brain.
(d) That Tessie has a premonition of something bad.

14. How long has the lottery been going on?
(a) For the last five years.
(b) Since before people arrived from Europe.
(c) Over several generations.
(d) Since the Pilgrims.

15. What is Tessie Hutchinson doing when she realizes Bill has the marked slip?
(a) She is bragging to the other women.
(b) She is mentioning that Bill got that slip the last lottery.
(c) She is complaining that the drawing was not fair.
(d) She is jumping up and down with excitement.

Short Answer Questions

1. When is the lottery held each year?

2. What is in the black box?

3. What finally happens with Tessie?

4. What element of surprise does Jackson use in the story?

5. When Mr. Summers says it is time, what does everyone do?

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