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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the men doing before it is time for the lottery to begin?
(a) Standing together and talking about women.
(b) Standing in a group but not talking.
(c) Standing together and talking politics.
(d) Standing in a group talking about tractors and rain.

2. What explanation does the late comer give for being late?
(a) She forgot what day it is.
(b) She overslept.
(c) She had a cake in the oven.
(d) Her clock had stopped.

3. Why is everyone participating, even the Hutchinson children?
(a) Because they have nothing better to do.
(b) Because they are all hypnotized.
(c) Because they will be jailed if they do not.
(d) Because it is a village activity.

4. Has there ever been any other breaks with tradition?
(a) Yes, they used to hold the lottery only at night.
(b) Yes. The ritual chant and the special salute were discarded.
(c) No. This was the first time any changed was made.
(d) Yes, the box used to be white.

5. What is in the black box?
(a) Wood chips.
(b) Slips of paper.
(c) Beans.
(d) Stones.

6. In general, what type of village is the setting of the story?
(a) A retirement village.
(b) A manufacturing village.
(c) A mining village.
(d) A farming village.

7. What type of story is THE LOTTERY?
(a) A satire.
(b) A history.
(c) A comedy.
(d) A drama.

8. In a large village, how long might the lottery last?
(a) Not long because of better equipment.
(b) An hour because the slips were mailed to the people.
(c) As much as seven days.
(d) All day because they have more activities in the square.

9. Which stones are the most prized for use in the lottery?
(a) Heavy, flat ones.
(b) Hard, jagged ones.
(c) Smooth, round ones.
(d) Shiny, decorative ones.

10. What is Old man Warner's meaning when he says lottery in June, corn harvest soon?
(a) He thinks the lottery magically makes the harvest good.
(b) He sees the lottery as a way to fill time until the harvest.
(c) He judges time by the lottery.
(d) He thinks that June is too soon for the lottery.

11. What are the women doing before the lottery?
(a) Avoicing each other's eyes.
(b) Running around looking for their children.
(c) Putting up the bunting.
(d) Standing together and gossiping.

12. What is the traditional job of the village boys on Lottery Day?
(a) They play an exhibition football game before the lottery.
(b) They form an honor guard for the lottery box.
(c) They collect stones and bring them to the town square.
(d) They keep the younger children off the grass.

13. What are some villages rumored to be doing with their lottery?
(a) Holding parades before the lottery.
(b) Adding a consolation prize.
(c) Discontinuing it.
(d) Combining it with another holiday.

14. What is Jackson's main theme in the story?
(a) The stupidity of blindly following tradition.
(b) The value of human life.
(c) The need for tradition in small towns.
(d) The need for change in a community.

15. Though they do not remember all the ancient ritual, what do the villagers all remember?
(a) The song.
(b) The stones.
(c) The march.
(d) The burning of the box.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is assigned to conduct the lottery?

2. When Mr. Summers says it is time, what does everyone do?

3. Which man holds the winning paper?

4. What is Jackson's first element of surprise in the story?

5. What is on Tessie Hutchinson's paper?

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