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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the story, what idea does Shirley Jackson carefully avoid?
(a) The odds of winning.
(b) Sweepstakes.
(c) Winning the lottery.
(d) The time it takes to hold the lottery.

2. What does Mr. Summers do as soon as he is sworn in?
(a) Leads the invocation.
(b) Puts his hand on the black box three times.
(c) Faces and greets the villagers.
(d) Bows low and receives the crown.

3. What does the village look like on the morning of the lottery?
(a) It is very metropolitan with shiny glass commercial buildings.
(b) It is dusty and dry with the paint peeling off the houses.
(c) It is gloomy and cold looking with gray houses.
(d) It is in the sun with neat houses, green lawns, and flowers everywhere.

4. How do most of the villagers appear to regard the lottery?
(a) They are confused about it.
(b) They do not like the suspense.
(c) They look forward to it.
(d) They hate it.

5. Who is the first person called to draw for the lottery?
(a) Tessie Hutchinson.
(b) Mr. Martin.
(c) Mr. Adams.
(d) Mrs. Graves.

6. In general, what type of village is the setting of the story?
(a) A mining village.
(b) A retirement village.
(c) A farming village.
(d) A manufacturing village.

7. In a large village, how long might the lottery last?
(a) All day because they have more activities in the square.
(b) An hour because the slips were mailed to the people.
(c) Not long because of better equipment.
(d) As much as seven days.

8. What is Mr. Zanini's distinction at the lottery?
(a) He is the first one to draw in the lottery.
(b) He is the oldest man at the lottery.
(c) He is the only single man there.
(d) He is the last one to draw a slip from the black box.

9. What is the traditional job of the village boys on Lottery Day?
(a) They play an exhibition football game before the lottery.
(b) They collect stones and bring them to the town square.
(c) They keep the younger children off the grass.
(d) They form an honor guard for the lottery box.

10. What does the lottery hint at?
(a) Recreation.
(b) Politics.
(c) Religion.
(d) Education.

11. Who helps hold the box to keep it steady?
(a) Mr. Graves and Mr. Summers.
(b) Several of the larger boys.
(c) The mayor and the chief of police.
(d) Mr. Martin and his son.

12. Though they do not remember all the ancient ritual, what do the villagers all remember?
(a) The song.
(b) The burning of the box.
(c) The march.
(d) The stones.

13. What does Mr. Summers carry onto the village square?
(a) The village flag.
(b) A milking stool.
(c) The book of rules.
(d) A black, wooden box.

14. What does Jackson hint in the story when Tessie is very late arriving?
(a) That Tessie is a scatter brain.
(b) That Tessie is always late for everything.
(c) That Tessie has a premonition of something bad.
(d) That Tessie is not originally from the village.

15. What finally happens with Tessie?
(a) She has a heart attack and dies.
(b) She must dodge all the stones.
(c) All the villagers stone her to death.
(d) She has to catch and throw back the stones.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who will participate in the ritual?

2. Why does the lottery begin late in this village?

3. What accusation does Tessie make to Joe Summers?

4. Is Mr. Summers exempt from the lottery?

5. How does Jackson suggest that tradition may be questioned?

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