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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mrs. Delacroix have in her hands?
(a) The lottery flag.
(b) The Hutchinson baby.
(c) A chocolate cake.
(d) A huge stone.

2. What trouble does Bobby Martin get into?
(a) He gets his clean clothes all dirty and has to go home and change.
(b) He puts the stones he collected in his pocket.
(c) He does not respond to his mother's call and his father reprimands him.
(d) He gets in a fight with another boy and has a bloody nose.

3. What is being used for the first time this year?
(a) Black and white ping pong balls.
(b) A new black box.
(c) A bigger stool.
(d) Slips of paper instead of wood chips.

4. What does Jackson suggest about civic prominence in the character of Mr. Summers.
(a) That everyone is equal regardless of wealth.
(b) That age is the criterion for civic leadership.
(c) That Summers has no real power in the village.
(d) That wealth is the standard for importance.

5. Is everyone present as the lottery ceremony begins?
(a) No, one woman comes running up late.
(b) Yes, it is a crime to be late for the lottery.
(c) Yes, they do not start until all are there.
(d) No, one entire family is missing.

6. What happens to Tessie first?
(a) A stone hits her on the side of her head.
(b) She is given a tiara.
(c) They present her with roses.
(d) The women form a circle around her to change her clothes.

7. How many people live in the village?
(a) 3,446.
(b) Less than 100.
(c) Just under 1,000.
(d) About 300.

8. What is on each of the children's papers?
(a) Gift certificates.
(b) Nothing. They are blank.
(c) A secret message.
(d) Colored pictures.

9. What are some villages rumored to be doing with their lottery?
(a) Discontinuing it.
(b) Holding parades before the lottery.
(c) Combining it with another holiday.
(d) Adding a consolation prize.

10. What is the age of majority in the village?
(a) Twenty-one.
(b) Thirty.
(c) Sixteen.
(d) Eighteen.

11. What does the lottery hint at?
(a) Religion.
(b) Education.
(c) Politics.
(d) Recreation.

12. What is Mrs. Hutchinson's behavior as she makes her way to her family?
(a) Laughing and apologizing for being late.
(b) Somber and angry.
(c) Perplexed and confused.
(d) Anxious and in a hurry.

13. In a large village, how long might the lottery last?
(a) As much as seven days.
(b) Not long because of better equipment.
(c) An hour because the slips were mailed to the people.
(d) All day because they have more activities in the square.

14. What is stressed as important to the lottery all through the story?
(a) That family is the least important thing in the village.
(b) That everyone does not need to be present.
(c) That it is a tradition that must be continued.
(d) That everyone knows how the tradition began.

15. Who tells the boys what to do on the morning of the lottery?
(a) The village council.
(b) No one, they all know their responsibility.
(c) Their fathers.
(d) Their mothers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Tessie try to add her daughter's family to Bill Hutchinson's second drawing?

2. How do most of the villagers appear to regard the lottery?

3. What is the date of the lottery?

4. What is the atmosphere of the village as the lottery gets under way?

5. What is in the black box?

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