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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What accusation does Tessie make to Joe Summers?
(a) That he cheated when he drew his own slip.
(b) That he goes first every year to lessen his chances of getting the dot.
(c) That someone else should draw for him.
(d) That he doesn't like her and arranged for her to get the dot.

2. What does Jackson suggest about civic prominence in the character of Mr. Summers.
(a) That wealth is the standard for importance.
(b) That Summers has no real power in the village.
(c) That age is the criterion for civic leadership.
(d) That everyone is equal regardless of wealth.

3. How long has the lottery been going on?
(a) For the last five years.
(b) Since before people arrived from Europe.
(c) Over several generations.
(d) Since the Pilgrims.

4. Why do they stop using the wood chips?
(a) People get splinters form the wood.
(b) They want to be more modern.
(c) The village population is growing.
(d) Trees are getting scarce.

5. Who tells the boys what to do on the morning of the lottery?
(a) No one, they all know their responsibility.
(b) Their fathers.
(c) The village council.
(d) Their mothers.

6. In general, what type of village is the setting of the story?
(a) A farming village.
(b) A retirement village.
(c) A manufacturing village.
(d) A mining village.

7. Who is assigned to conduct the lottery?
(a) Mr. Summers.
(b) Mr. Hutchinson.
(c) Mr. Martin.
(d) Mr. Graves.

8. Who is the last person accounted for before the lottery begins?
(a) The tall Watson boy.
(b) Old man Warner.
(c) Tessie Hutchinson.
(d) Mrs. Dunbar.

9. When is the lottery held each year?
(a) Before the corn harvest.
(b) At Thanksgiving.
(c) At the beginning of spring.
(d) During the full moon.

10. What does everyone get at this point?
(a) Refreshments.
(b) Stones.
(c) Instructions.
(d) Blank papers.

11. What is on each of the children's papers?
(a) Nothing. They are blank.
(b) Gift certificates.
(c) A secret message.
(d) Colored pictures.

12. Why is everyone participating, even the Hutchinson children?
(a) Because they are all hypnotized.
(b) Because they will be jailed if they do not.
(c) Because it is a village activity.
(d) Because they have nothing better to do.

13. Why does his oldest son not draw for him?
(a) His mother is next in line for the family.
(b) He is too small to reach inside the box.
(c) The boy is not yet sixteen.
(d) He rus away when the lottery begins.

14. What is the tone as the story begins?
(a) An average day with overcast sky.
(b) Dreary and ominous.
(c) Dry like a newspaper article.
(d) Cheerful, bright, and colorful.

15. What is being used for the first time this year?
(a) Black and white ping pong balls.
(b) A new black box.
(c) Slips of paper instead of wood chips.
(d) A bigger stool.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the instruction given to the villagers about what to do after they have drawn?

2. What happens to Tessie first?

3. Is everyone present as the lottery ceremony begins?

4. Who gets to go first in the second drawing?

5. Old man Warner suggests that discontinuing the lottery would be doing what?

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