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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the instruction given to the villagers about what to do after they have drawn?
(a) They are to look at their papers but not show anyone else.
(b) They are to register with Mr. Graves as having drawn.
(c) They are not to look at thier papers untill all have drawn.
(d) They are to show their papers to everyone.

2. Who is to draw for the Watson family?
(a) Mr. Summers.
(b) The tall Watson boy.
(c) Mr. Watson's brother.
(d) Mrs. Watson.

3. What is being used for the first time this year?
(a) Black and white ping pong balls.
(b) A new black box.
(c) Slips of paper instead of wood chips.
(d) A bigger stool.

4. Though they do not remember all the ancient ritual, what do the villagers all remember?
(a) The burning of the box.
(b) The march.
(c) The song.
(d) The stones.

5. How do most of the villagers appear to regard the lottery?
(a) They look forward to it.
(b) They do not like the suspense.
(c) They hate it.
(d) They are confused about it.

6. Which stones are the most prized for use in the lottery?
(a) Hard, jagged ones.
(b) Heavy, flat ones.
(c) Smooth, round ones.
(d) Shiny, decorative ones.

7. What explanation does the late comer give for being late?
(a) Her clock had stopped.
(b) She overslept.
(c) She had a cake in the oven.
(d) She forgot what day it is.

8. What is the date of the lottery?
(a) June 27th
(b) April 1st
(c) July 4th
(d) February 2nd

9. What is on each of the children's papers?
(a) A secret message.
(b) Gift certificates.
(c) Colored pictures.
(d) Nothing. They are blank.

10. In general, what type of village is the setting of the story?
(a) A retirement village.
(b) A farming village.
(c) A manufacturing village.
(d) A mining village.

11. What is happening when they make any change in the lottery procedure?
(a) It makes the tradition stronger.
(b) The people are becoming better educated.
(c) It is nothing drastic in the minds of the villagers.
(d) It is a break with tradition.

12. What finally happens with Tessie?
(a) All the villagers stone her to death.
(b) She must dodge all the stones.
(c) She has to catch and throw back the stones.
(d) She has a heart attack and dies.

13. What are some villages rumored to be doing with their lottery?
(a) Discontinuing it.
(b) Adding a consolation prize.
(c) Holding parades before the lottery.
(d) Combining it with another holiday.

14. What is Tessie Hutchinson doing when she realizes Bill has the marked slip?
(a) She is jumping up and down with excitement.
(b) She is mentioning that Bill got that slip the last lottery.
(c) She is bragging to the other women.
(d) She is complaining that the drawing was not fair.

15. Why is everyone participating, even the Hutchinson children?
(a) Because they have nothing better to do.
(b) Because it is a village activity.
(c) Because they will be jailed if they do not.
(d) Because they are all hypnotized.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the traditional job of the village boys on Lottery Day?

2. What is on Tessie Hutchinson's paper?

3. What is Old man Warner's meaning when he says lottery in June, corn harvest soon?

4. Who is the last person accounted for before the lottery begins?

5. What are the men doing before it is time for the lottery to begin?

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