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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Tessie Hutchinson doing when she realizes Bill has the marked slip?
(a) She is bragging to the other women.
(b) She is jumping up and down with excitement.
(c) She is mentioning that Bill got that slip the last lottery.
(d) She is complaining that the drawing was not fair.

2. What does Mr. Summers do as soon as he is sworn in?
(a) Leads the invocation.
(b) Puts his hand on the black box three times.
(c) Faces and greets the villagers.
(d) Bows low and receives the crown.

3. What is the atmosphere of the village as the lottery gets under way?
(a) It is orderly and respectful.
(b) It is chaos.
(c) There is great jollity among the people.
(d) Everyone is talking at once.

4. Who is the last person accounted for before the lottery begins?
(a) The tall Watson boy.
(b) Mrs. Dunbar.
(c) Old man Warner.
(d) Tessie Hutchinson.

5. What is on Tessie Hutchinson's paper?
(a) The number 6.
(b) A message.
(c) A black spot.
(d) Nothing.

6. Who is to draw for the Watson family?
(a) The tall Watson boy.
(b) Mr. Watson's brother.
(c) Mrs. Watson.
(d) Mr. Summers.

7. Who needs help from Mr. Graves to open his slip?
(a) All of the children.
(b) Tessie.
(c) Little Dave Hutchinson.
(d) The youngest daughter.

8. What is Mrs. Hutchinson's behavior as she makes her way to her family?
(a) Somber and angry.
(b) Perplexed and confused.
(c) Anxious and in a hurry.
(d) Laughing and apologizing for being late.

9. What do some people think about discontinuing the lottery?
(a) Some people want to make the lottery grander.
(b) Some people want to hold the lottery twice a year.
(c) Some people want to change the date of the lottery.
(d) Some people want to discontinue the lottery.

10. How many people live in the village?
(a) 3,446.
(b) Less than 100.
(c) About 300.
(d) Just under 1,000.

11. What is the instruction given to the villagers about what to do after they have drawn?
(a) They are not to look at thier papers untill all have drawn.
(b) They are to register with Mr. Graves as having drawn.
(c) They are to look at their papers but not show anyone else.
(d) They are to show their papers to everyone.

12. What is Old man Warner's meaning when he says lottery in June, corn harvest soon?
(a) He judges time by the lottery.
(b) He thinks that June is too soon for the lottery.
(c) He sees the lottery as a way to fill time until the harvest.
(d) He thinks the lottery magically makes the harvest good.

13. What is the traditional job of the village boys on Lottery Day?
(a) They play an exhibition football game before the lottery.
(b) They keep the younger children off the grass.
(c) They collect stones and bring them to the town square.
(d) They form an honor guard for the lottery box.

14. What is the irony of Tessie Hutchinson drawing the black dot?
(a) Dessenters are a threat to tradition and must be removed.
(b) She was the only one who protested the procedure.
(c) She drew the dot because she was late.
(d) Tessie did not know the tradition.

15. What does Mrs. Delacroix have in her hands?
(a) The Hutchinson baby.
(b) A chocolate cake.
(c) The lottery flag.
(d) A huge stone.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tessie's paper mean?

2. What is the age of majority in the village?

3. Who tells the boys what to do on the morning of the lottery?

4. Why does the lottery begin late in this village?

5. What is the date of the lottery?

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