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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are people gathering in the town square?
(a) There is a band concert that morning.
(b) It is the annual lottery day.
(c) The mayor is making a speech.
(d) They are voting whether to discontinue the lottery.

2. When is the lottery held each year?
(a) At Thanksgiving.
(b) Before the corn harvest.
(c) During the full moon.
(d) At the beginning of spring.

3. How does Jackson suggest that tradition may be questioned?
(a) Some people oppose the lottery and some villages have already stopped it.
(b) A lot about the lottery has been forgotten.
(c) Old man Warner compares it to the Stone Age.
(d) The village is getting smaller so tradition may die out.

4. Which stones are the most prized for use in the lottery?
(a) Smooth, round ones.
(b) Hard, jagged ones.
(c) Heavy, flat ones.
(d) Shiny, decorative ones.

5. Why does the lottery begin late in this village?
(a) Because they have trouble locating the lottery box.
(b) Because there are so few people, the drawing only last a few hours.
(c) Because it took longer for the boys to find stones.
(d) Because someone forgot to prepar the lottery slips of paper.

6. What does Tessie try to do before Bill draws for the family?
(a) Find her three children to stand with their father.
(b) Stand where the newspaper photographer can get her photo.
(c) Include her daughter's family in the drawing.
(d) Run home to change clothes.

7. What element of surprise does Jackson use in the story?
(a) That Tessie sacrifices herself for her children.
(b) That the community does not know what the
(c) That the government steps in and stops the lottery.
(d) Winning a lottery is usually a good thing and not something to dread.

8. What is Jackson saying about tradition.
(a) That very few people question it.
(b) That it is bad luck to change it.
(c) That tradition is better than creating new ways.
(d) That it is necessary to keep a culture alive.

9. What sound is heard as the papers are opened?
(a) Nothing. It is very quiet.
(b) The school marching band.
(c) The women speaking all at once.
(d) A collective sigh.

10. How many people live in the village?
(a) Just under 1,000.
(b) Less than 100.
(c) About 300.
(d) 3,446.

11. What explanation does the late comer give for being late?
(a) She overslept.
(b) Her clock had stopped.
(c) She had a cake in the oven.
(d) She forgot what day it is.

12. What does everyone get at this point?
(a) Instructions.
(b) Stones.
(c) Refreshments.
(d) Blank papers.

13. What happens to Tessie first?
(a) She is given a tiara.
(b) A stone hits her on the side of her head.
(c) The women form a circle around her to change her clothes.
(d) They present her with roses.

14. Is everyone present as the lottery ceremony begins?
(a) Yes, they do not start until all are there.
(b) Yes, it is a crime to be late for the lottery.
(c) No, one woman comes running up late.
(d) No, one entire family is missing.

15. Which man holds the winning paper?
(a) Old man Warner.
(b) Mr. Graves.
(c) Bill Hutchinson.
(d) Bob Martin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Tessie try to add her daughter's family to Bill Hutchinson's second drawing?

2. What is Mrs. Hutchinson's behavior as she makes her way to her family?

3. In a large village, how long might the lottery last?

4. What does Mrs. Dunbar hold in her hands?

5. Old man Warner suggests that discontinuing the lottery would be doing what?

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