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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the procedure after Bill reveals that his family is the one?
(a) The village people will vote for their favorite Hutchinson family member.
(b) Slips will be put in the box for every member of the Hutchinson family.
(c) The Hutchinson family will draw straws to see who takes the prize.
(d) The youngest Hutchinson will claim the prize.

2. What holiday is mentioned in the story that suggests this village is in America?
(a) The 4th of July.
(b) Groundhog Day.
(c) Halloween.
(d) Christmas.

3. Has there ever been any other breaks with tradition?
(a) Yes, they used to hold the lottery only at night.
(b) No. This was the first time any changed was made.
(c) Yes. The ritual chant and the special salute were discarded.
(d) Yes, the box used to be white.

4. When is the lottery held each year?
(a) During the full moon.
(b) Before the corn harvest.
(c) At the beginning of spring.
(d) At Thanksgiving.

5. Who is to draw for the Watson family?
(a) Mr. Watson's brother.
(b) Mr. Summers.
(c) Mrs. Watson.
(d) The tall Watson boy.

6. What element of surprise does Jackson use in the story?
(a) That the government steps in and stops the lottery.
(b) That Tessie sacrifices herself for her children.
(c) That the community does not know what the
(d) Winning a lottery is usually a good thing and not something to dread.

7. What does Mrs. Delacroix have in her hands?
(a) The Hutchinson baby.
(b) A chocolate cake.
(c) The lottery flag.
(d) A huge stone.

8. What are some villages rumored to be doing with their lottery?
(a) Combining it with another holiday.
(b) Discontinuing it.
(c) Adding a consolation prize.
(d) Holding parades before the lottery.

9. What finally happens with Tessie?
(a) She has a heart attack and dies.
(b) She has to catch and throw back the stones.
(c) She must dodge all the stones.
(d) All the villagers stone her to death.

10. Who was the last to arrive at the lottery?
(a) Mrs. Summers.
(b) Tessie Hutchinson.
(c) Mrs. Martin.
(d) Mrs. Graves.

11. What does Mr. Graves carry onto the village square?
(a) A trumpet to begin the ceremony.
(b) A three-legged stool.
(c) A roster of the village people.
(d) An American flag.

12. What is the date of the lottery?
(a) April 1st
(b) February 2nd
(c) July 4th
(d) June 27th

13. Who is assigned to conduct the lottery?
(a) Mr. Hutchinson.
(b) Mr. Martin.
(c) Mr. Summers.
(d) Mr. Graves.

14. What type of story is THE LOTTERY?
(a) A satire.
(b) A history.
(c) A drama.
(d) A comedy.

15. Why does Tessie try to add her daughter's family to Bill Hutchinson's second drawing?
(a) She wants her daughter to have a chance to win, too.
(b) The more people in the drawing, the greater chance she has of not getting the dot.
(c) She is trying to get the whole thing done over.
(d) She feels the need to have all her family with her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Jackson saying about tradition.

2. What does the lottery hint at?

3. How does Jackson suggest that tradition may be questioned?

4. What is Mr. Zanini's distinction at the lottery?

5. What sound is heard as the papers are opened?

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