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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jurgis have to do to get money?

2. How did Stanislovas die?

3. How much further does Jurgis have to walk to get to the boarding house?

4. What job does Jurgis find with the help of friend he made in the union?

5. Who helps Jurgis find a job?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jurgis decide to do when he can not find any work?

2. What happens when Jurgis goes back to the fertilizer mill?

3. Jurgis happens upon another political meeting. What is the topic this time?

4. Overcome with grief after Ona's death, what does Jurgis do to soothe his sorrows?

5. What does Jurgis have complete faith in by the end of the story?

6. What happens to Jurgis' $100?

7. How does Jurgis response to the news of Antanas' death?

8. How far away is Jurgis' new job?

9. What does Jurgis learn about his family when he asks around?

10. What caused little Antanas' death?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Sinclair makes it pretty clear in the text the he feels socialism is the answer to the world's problems. Did you think Sinclair's arguments were convincing? Why or why not? How does socialism help Jurgis in this story?

Essay Topic 2

The women in "The Jungle" seem to be relegated to natural female roles, like mothering and holding simple jobs. What do you think this says about Sinclar's views of women? Does he believe all women are weak? Why or why not? What does Sinclair seem to say about Marija when she ends up being addicted to morphine and working as a prostitute?

Essay Topic 3

Jurgis has a lot to deal with as he moves through this novel--more than most of us will ever see in our lifetime. What are some ways the Jurgis copes? How do his coping methods change during the novel? Do you agree with the way he tried to cope or not? What else could he have done to make the most of his troubles?

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