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Short Answer Questions

1. Who gets their job back, only to lose it again for speaking up for their rights?

2. Where does Jurgis wait instead of going in to meet his boss?

3. Who begins to develop a cough like the one that killed Jurgis' father?

4. Where is the wedding reception being held?

5. What is the child's death presumably caused be?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happened to those who had a sore on their hand and they then got pickling brine on it?

2. What does Elzbieta's factory do?

3. How do Ona and Jurgis furnish their 'new' home?

4. Who wanted Ona and Jurgis to have a lavish wedding, even though they would have been fine with something simpler?

5. What does Jurgis think about his act of beating up Conner?

6. Why does Jurgis decline to be in the union at first?

7. Who is Jurgis overcome with worry over?

8. Why are the sausages the family eats not helping their nutrition?

9. What is the Lithuanian family in the first chapter traveling to?

10. Why can't Jurgis' father find work?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The title, "The Jungle," is certainly applicable to the story itself. Explain the different ways a jungle relates to the characters, to the setting, and to the events in this story. How is Chicago like a jungle? Do you agree that this title was the best choice? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

The women in "The Jungle" seem to be relegated to natural female roles, like mothering and holding simple jobs. What do you think this says about Sinclar's views of women? Does he believe all women are weak? Why or why not? What does Sinclair seem to say about Marija when she ends up being addicted to morphine and working as a prostitute?

Essay Topic 3

The idea of not being able to speak English is one that hurts Jurgis and his family in the beginning of their time in the US. Describe three situations in which knowing English would have helped Jurgis and his family. What are some ways that the packing plant owners took advantage of the workers because of the language barrier? Do you think it was fair of the packers to take advantage of the workers? Why or why not?

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