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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the man at the political meeting speaking of?
(a) Freedom
(b) Uprising
(c) Protection
(d) Peace

2. Who does Jurgis go to once he gets his new job?
(a) Elzbieta
(b) Jack
(c) Conner
(d) Marija

3. Where does Jurgis get a job?
(a) A bank
(b) A mine
(c) A hotel
(d) A packing yard

4. Who does Jurgis meet in this chapter?
(a) A drunk young man
(b) A preacher
(c) A communist protester
(d) Conner

5. What has happened to Ona's baby?
(a) It will need surgery
(b) It is perfectly healthy
(c) It is deformed
(d) It died

6. What is Jurgis filled with once he is done drinking?
(a) A sense of obligation
(b) Pride
(c) Worry
(d) Guilt

7. What does Jurgis do to sleep in a warm place?
(a) Breaks into homes
(b) Begs well off people for help
(c) Stays with a friend
(d) Fights in order to get arrested

8. Where does the person in #164 take Jurgis?
(a) To a restaurant
(b) To his home
(c) To headquarters
(d) To another rally

9. Is Jurgis success with the action of #169?
(a) Yes, but one does not convert
(b) Yes, all convert
(c) No
(d) No, but some are curious

10. What does Jurgis do with the money the children bring home?
(a) Gambles
(b) Tells them to save it
(c) Buys a prostitute
(d) Buys whiskey

11. How much money does Jurgis have in the bank at this time?
(a) $300
(b) $5
(c) $200
(d) $100

12. Why is Jurgis in prison?
(a) For stealing
(b) For being in a whorehouse
(c) For making too much noise
(d) For eating up a man

13. Who is Jack Duane?
(a) A white collar criminal
(b) A beggar
(c) A boss in Chicago
(d) A police officer

14. What does Ona do before she dies?
(a) Tells Jurgis she loves him
(b) Opens her eyes and looks at Jurgis
(c) Screams about the injustice of it all
(d) Confesses an affair

15. What is the speaker talking about?
(a) Peace
(b) Higher wages
(c) Democracy
(d) The working man's fate

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jurgis find out Marija is doing?

2. Who throws Jurgis out of the home?

3. How far away is Jurgis' new job?

4. What do Jack and Jurgis do together once they're out of jail?

5. What does Jurgis buy with his newfound wealth?

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