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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Jurgis released late from prison?
(a) His sentence was extended because of new evidence
(b) It was a holiday
(c) He got into trouble
(d) He had to work off court costs

2. What is the speaker talking about?
(a) The working man's fate
(b) Peace
(c) Higher wages
(d) Democracy

3. What does Jurgis do as Ona is dying?
(a) Shakes her
(b) Tries to revive her
(c) Takes her hand
(d) Pleads with God

4. Who is Jurgis directed to talk to?
(a) Ostrinski
(b) Ontrovena
(c) Tamola
(d) Orlea

5. What does Jurgis do to sleep in a warm place?
(a) Stays with a friend
(b) Fights in order to get arrested
(c) Begs well off people for help
(d) Breaks into homes

6. Who is Jack Duane?
(a) A police officer
(b) A white collar criminal
(c) A boss in Chicago
(d) A beggar

7. What do Jack and Jurgis do together once they're out of jail?
(a) Head out of town
(b) Get a place together
(c) Rob a man in an alley
(d) Join the democratic party

8. Who does Jurgis get a visit from?
(a) Marija
(b) Jack Duane
(c) Jonas
(d) Ona

9. Who does Jurgis decide he must live for?
(a) Marija
(b) Himself
(c) Elzbieta
(d) His son Antanas

10. Who does Jurgis go to once he gets his new job?
(a) Marija
(b) Elzbieta
(c) Conner
(d) Jack

11. What job does Jurgis find with the help of friend he made in the union?
(a) Harvest works
(b) Boss
(c) Salesman
(d) Train conductor

12. Where do the children get food?
(a) They don't
(b) From Jurgis
(c) From begging
(d) The dump

13. What is the term socialists use for each other?
(a) Comrade
(b) Friend
(c) Working man
(d) Hopeful one

14. Where does Jurgis decide to begin volunteering?
(a) A Democratic building
(b) The health inspection department
(c) A Republican committe
(d) A boarding house

15. Who does this person think Packingtown should be in the hands of?
(a) The workmen
(b) The women
(c) The bosses
(d) The government

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jurgis consider as he is in the mansion?

2. Why does the stranger want Jurgis to listen to the political meeting?

3. How does Jurgis feel when listening to this speech?

4. Who is speaking at the nearby political meeting?

5. What does Jurgis do in response to Antanas' death?

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