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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jurgis get his job back in the first place?
(a) The man in his position died
(b) He begs
(c) The union helps him
(d) The boss throws out the replacement worker

2. What happens when a steer gets loose at Jurgis' work?
(a) The factory is shut down
(b) Stanislovas is killed
(c) A man is killed
(d) Jurgis twists his ankle

3. What kind of job do the kids get?
(a) Makign clothes
(b) Cleaning the blood off the floors
(c) Working in the slaughter house
(d) Selling papers

4. What barrier does not stand in the way of Jurgis getting a job?
(a) The language barrier
(b) The ethnic barrier
(c) His looks
(d) His inexperience

5. What is Marija's job?
(a) Killing pigs
(b) Making sausages
(c) Painting cans
(d) Sewing clothes

6. Why does Jurgis sell his vote?
(a) To feed his family
(b) To upset the system
(c) To get money to drink
(d) To buy his house

7. Who tries to convince Jurgis Ona is fine?
(a) Ona
(b) Elzbieta
(c) Stanislovas
(d) Marija

8. Who died in his sleep, working up until that point without trouble?
(a) Jonas
(b) Antanas
(c) Jurgis
(d) Stanislovas

9. What does Jurgis hope for Stanislovas to do?
(a) Go to school
(b) Get a job
(c) Help more around the house
(d) Find a girl

10. What does the family find out about their home?
(a) It's been sold to someone else too
(b) It's not new
(c) It's going to be demolished
(d) It's not insulated

11. Who has had to give up her dream of marriage?
(a) Elzbieta
(b) Marija
(c) Ona
(d) Junita

12. Where does Jurgis go to look for work?
(a) The stockyards
(b) The factories
(c) The train station
(d) The farms

13. Where does the family of this novel originate from?
(a) Lithuania
(b) The United States
(c) Armenia
(d) Russia

14. Who wanted the wedding to be lavish?
(a) Jurgis
(b) Ona
(c) Elzbieta
(d) Stanislovas

15. What does the person in #83 threaten to do if the character does not agree to prostitute herself?
(a) Blacklist her
(b) Tell her husband
(c) Murder her
(d) Fire the entire family

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose factory is suddenly shut down, leaving this character without work?

2. Where does Jurgis get his next job?

3. What does Jurgis feel confident the family can buy now that people have found jobs?

4. Who ignores the carcasses that pass by unchecked on the conveyor belt?

5. The bosses at the slaughterhouses cheat the men by ________ their hours of work.

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