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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is advertising hot meals that ends up causing Jurgis to eventually drink?
(a) Conner
(b) Saloons
(c) The slaughterhouse
(d) Jack Duane

2. Where does Jurgis wait instead of going in to meet his boss?
(a) At the bus stop
(b) At the main office
(c) Outside with the unemployed workers
(d) At home

3. What does the family find out about their home?
(a) It's not new
(b) It's not insulated
(c) It's been sold to someone else too
(d) It's going to be demolished

4. What 'helps' Ona and Jurgis furnish their home?
(a) Interior designers
(b) The welfare department
(c) Advertisements
(d) The mortgage company

5. Where is the most diseased meat sent?
(a) To the pickle rooms
(b) To the dump
(c) To the workers
(d) To the sausage factory

6. Who deserts the family and is never heard from again?
(a) Jonas
(b) Stanislovas
(c) Elzbieta
(d) Ona

7. What is the reason Antanas can not find work?
(a) He isn't a strong man
(b) He complains too often
(c) He can't speak English
(d) He is considered to be too old

8. Who is the character in charge of the wedding?
(a) Elzbieta
(b) Stanislovas
(c) Ona
(d) Marija

9. What is the name of the place where the pigs are killed?
(a) The killing room
(b) The killing floor
(c) The assembly line
(d) The pickling room

10. What does the answer to #86 realize while they are in jail?
(a) The jail is better than their house
(b) They will lose their job
(c) They can't remember what they've done
(d) They are alone

11. What kind of job do the kids get?
(a) Selling papers
(b) Makign clothes
(c) Cleaning the blood off the floors
(d) Working in the slaughter house

12. Who has a child that dies immediately at the start of this chapter?
(a) Marija
(b) Elzbieta
(c) Ona
(d) Jurgis

13. What does Jurgis understand for the first time as part of the union?
(a) Socialism
(b) Democracy
(c) Group dynamics
(d) English

14. Who ignores the carcasses that pass by unchecked on the conveyor belt?
(a) The government inspector
(b) The women
(c) Ona
(d) Jurgis

15. Where does the family of this novel originate from?
(a) Lithuania
(b) Russia
(c) The United States
(d) Armenia

Short Answer Questions

1. Who finds Jurgis his first job?

2. Who tries to convince Jurgis Ona is fine?

3. What happens to Marija's wages?

4. What is the other name for a wedding reception, and is traditional for the characters in this story?

5. What does the house become infested with?

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