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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long has the family been in Packingtown at this point?
(a) 1 year
(b) A decade
(c) 2 and a half years
(d) 5 years

2. What is Marija's new job?
(a) Beef trimmer
(b) Sewing buttons
(c) Secretary
(d) Painting cans

3. Where is the wedding reception being held?
(a) Russia dining hall
(b) At the church
(c) Lithuania
(d) Chicago stockyards

4. Where does the family of this novel originate from?
(a) Armenia
(b) Russia
(c) The United States
(d) Lithuania

5. Who has been pressured into prostituting herself?
(a) Their neighbor
(b) Marija
(c) Elzbieta
(d) Ona

6. What is used in the sausages at the factory?
(a) Bread
(b) Beans
(c) Potato flour
(d) Spoiled hams

7. Who begins to develop a cough like the one that killed Jurgis' father?
(a) Jurgis
(b) Ona
(c) Antanas
(d) Marija

8. Who is the leader of the Democratic party?
(a) Mike Scully
(b) Jurgis
(c) Conner
(d) Thompson

9. What does Jurgis already know about Ona?
(a) That she is not the woman he loves
(b) That she will die
(c) That she has left him
(d) That she is too good for him

10. Who is advertising hot meals that ends up causing Jurgis to eventually drink?
(a) Saloons
(b) The slaughterhouse
(c) Jack Duane
(d) Conner

11. What kinds of cows are killed, which upsets Jurgis as he works?
(a) Still alive cows
(b) Pregnant cows
(c) Sleeping cows
(d) Defective cows

12. Who is in jail at the start of this chapter?
(a) Marija
(b) Jurgis
(c) Ona
(d) Elzbieta

13. How do Ona and Jurgis pay for the furnishings they acquire?
(a) They don't
(b) They rent them
(c) They put them on layaway
(d) They include the cost in their mortgage

14. Who is the violin player?
(a) Conner
(b) Jurgis
(c) Jack
(d) Tamoszius

15. What does the house become infested with?
(a) Worms
(b) Termites
(c) Bugs
(d) Rats

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jurgis become a part of in response to the action in #40?

2. What is the child's death presumably caused be?

3. Who is also going to have to go to work, besides Ona?

4. What are men at the slaughterhouses dying of due to the weather?

5. What happens when a steer gets loose at Jurgis' work?

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