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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who died in his sleep, working up until that point without trouble?
(a) Stanislovas
(b) Jurgis
(c) Antanas
(d) Jonas

2. What is Marija's job?
(a) Killing pigs
(b) Making sausages
(c) Painting cans
(d) Sewing clothes

3. What happened to the boy Stanislovas with the broken off ears?
(a) Frostbite
(b) Disease
(c) Genetic defect
(d) Work injury

4. What is Jurgis now that he is out of jail again?
(a) A mine worker
(b) A deranged man
(c) A prominent boss
(d) A hobo

5. Where does Jurgis stay for a long time, leaving him alone and penniless at the end?
(a) The streets
(b) A boarding house
(c) A gambling hall
(d) A hospital

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is speaking at the nearby political meeting?

2. What holiday does Jurgis call 'their' holiday?

3. Where does the person in #164 take Jurgis?

4. How does Jurgis feel when listening to this speech?

5. Who is the narrator of this novel?

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