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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What barrier does not stand in the way of Jurgis getting a job?
(a) His looks
(b) The language barrier
(c) The ethnic barrier
(d) His inexperience

2. What is Marija's new job?
(a) Sewing buttons
(b) Painting cans
(c) Secretary
(d) Beef trimmer

3. What is doctored with Borax to give it a certain flavor?
(a) 'Smoked' Sausages
(b) Holiday hams
(c) Porkchops
(d) Hamburgers

4. Who has had to give up her dream of marriage?
(a) Junita
(b) Marija
(c) Elzbieta
(d) Ona

5. Who wanted the wedding to be lavish?
(a) Elzbieta
(b) Ona
(c) Jurgis
(d) Stanislovas

Short Answer Questions

1. Why weren't meats smoked?

2. What is the reason Antanas can not find work?

3. What is the child's death presumably caused be?

4. What is another name for Chicago?

5. What does the family find out about their home?

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