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This ethnic group immigrated to Chicago in a large wave during the first years of the 20th century and were exploited for labor purposes.


This is the name of a traditional Lithuanian wedding feast.

Durham's Meat

This is the meat packing plant and slaughterhouse where Jurgis and a number of family members work. This place is engaged in illegal labor activities as well as unsafe food handling activities.


This is the family's home country, idealized in their memories as a beautiful place with lush meadows and green trees and glistening lakes.

Acziarimas Ceremony

This is an uninterrupted bridal dance, lasting three or four hours, in which male guests pay for the privilege of dancing with the bride. The money is set aside for the couple's wedding expenses.

The Yards

This is the name of the neighborhood surrounding the packing plants. It is a filthy, vermin-infested...

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