The Jungle Character Descriptions

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Marija Berczynskas - This character, an orphan, decided to join the family in coming to America just before they left on their journey. She is a big, strong, loud woman who just starts to find happiness in her courtship when the canning factory that she works in shuts down after the holidays, when demand is low. She only speaks Lithuanian. In the end, she survives a catastrophic injury, but lives and works in a house of prostitution to support her morphine habit.

Phil Connor - This character is the boss of the ham packaging department. This character rapes another character when she is pregnant with her second child.

Dede Antanas - See Antanas Rudkus

Jack Duane - This character introduces Jurgis to a high-moneyed life of crime, and to other criminal connections.

Tommy Hinds - This character is a hotel owner and one of the state's most...

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