The Yellow Admiral Character Descriptions

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Jack Aubrey - This central character of the novel is the Post Captain of the HMS Bellona.

Stephen Maturin - This character is a medical doctor and a British adviser on Spanish affairs.

Admiral Stranraer - This character is the superior of the novel's protagonist and commands the Queen Charlotte.

Sophie - This character is the wife of the protagonist and lives at Woolcombe.

Sir Joseph Blaine - This character is a top official at the Admiralty in London involved in intelligence.

Diane - This wife of a medical doctor and the adviser on Spanish affairs has a daughter named Brigid.

Inigo Bernard - This member of Spanish intelligence from a Spanish shipbuilding family comes aboard the Bellona and provides valuable information.

Griffiths - This sailor has commanded several boats but is not considered a good sailor and is the subject of a mutiny.

Diego Diaz - This character...

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