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Chapter 1

• Sir Joseph Blaine enters his office at the Admiralty as Mr. Needham appears and tells Blaine that Dr. Stephen Maturin is missing.

• Stephen Maturin is the adviser on Spanish affairs and Maturin and his wife had taken part in an expedition with the Duke of Habachtsthal.

• When Habachtsthal kills himself, Mrs. Maturin tries to transfer his money to England but the money is embargoed in Corunna, Spain.

• As Blaine leaves his office, he meets Stephen who tells him how he misplaced the receipt for the gold and how they were visiting Diana's daughter, Brigid.

• The Maturins are going to stay with the Aubreys until they straighten out their finances and buy their own house.

• Captain Aubrey is rising through the ranks but not as quickly as he wants to.

• Audrey and his wife Sophie are reading their mail at breakfast and Sophie says they will have to...

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