The Year of Magical Thinking Character Descriptions

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The Author (Joan Didion)

This person was a well-known and critically respected novelist and screenwriter who became a widow.

John Gregory Dunne

This person was a noted writer and screenwriter who died from cardiac arrest.


This person first suffered a severe case of pneumonia, then required neurosurgery.


This person was devoted to their spouse during illness.

Emily Post

This person was a legendary, turn-of-the-nineteenth-century expert on etiquette and manners.

Medical Professionals

These were people in the book frequently portrayed as arrogant, touchy and insensitive to patients and their families.

Friends and Family

These were people who are compassionate, supportive, and generous after a death in the family.


This person was a character in Classical Greek mythology.

Joe and Gertrude Black

These people were living examples of people who lived intellectually and spiritually adventurous lives.

The Broken Man

This was a character that appeared in a...

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