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Chapter 1

• Nine months ago, Joan's husband John suffered a sudden, massive coronary.

• Joan and John sat down to dinner in the living room of their apartment in New York.

• At the same time, their daughter Quintana had been in the hospital unconscious for five days suffering from pneumonia.

• Quintana had been taken to the emergency room on Christmas morning.

• Joan and John just returned from a visit with Quintana at the hospital.

• Joan is writing to help herself make sense of the period after her husband's death.

• Although Joan always enjoyed using words as a writer, even before publication, she wished that she could simply project her memories on a screen and not write about them.

Chapter 2

• On December 30, 2003, Joan and her husband visited Quintana in the hospital.

• After the hospital visit, they came home and fixed dinner.

• During dinner, John talked about several different subjects, then Joan...

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