Daily Lessons for Teaching The World of Myth

David Adams Leeming
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Lesson 1 (from Part I: Chapters 1-5)


Part I: Chapters 1-5

David Adams Leeming's is part of a tradition of comparative literature and mythology, but by drawing from different cultures and periods, this tradition itself has a history of raising questions about disciplinary loyalty and methods. This lesson attempts to characterize the type of work Leeming has written.


1) Group Discussion: Have students work together in small groups to make lists of the types of work that are similar to Leeming's book. Is The World of Myth academic? Commercial? Historical? Literary? Religious? Does it dwell on methods and language? Symbols and psychology? Individual authors or characters, or cultures and periods? Have each group report back to the class after some time for discussion.

2) Class Debate: Have students take sides, prepare arguments, and debate the question of what kind of book this is. Ask groups to argue for each possibility, and the debate their...

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