The Woman in Cabin 10 Character Descriptions

Ware, Ruth
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Laura "Lo" Blacklock

This character is the protagonist of the novel. This character lives with their cat, Delilah, is a journalist for a travel magazine, and is subjected to numerous threats throughout the story.

Judah "Jude" Lewis

This character is away working during the beginning action of the novel. This character is Lo's significant other, who tries to find Lo when Lo goes missing.

Rowan Lonsdale

This character is Lo's boss. This character was supposed to go on the Nordic cruise, but could not because of pregnancy complications.

Lord Richard Bullmer

This character owns the Aurora Borealis. This character is the director of the Northern Lights Company and is extremely wealthy.

Lady Anne Lyngstad

This character is a heiress and is married to Richard Bullmer. This character is described as a blonde beauty in her late twenties who has cancer.

The Woman in Cabin 10

This character is described as...

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