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Murphy's Irish Whiskey

Spenser's drink of choice, which he has begun to drink straight out of the bottle.

VHS Tape

This shows Ronni Alexander having sexual intercourse with an anonymous man.

Boston Globe

The large newspaper is widely well-regarded. Spenser taps their resources for background information through Wayne Cosgrove.


A small city in Boston where Spenser meets Sal Pelletier, the thug who accosts the young Meade supporters.


A picturesque, historic neighborhood of Washington D.C., where Gerry Broz lives, attends school, sells cocaine, and videotapes sex orgies.

The Hay Adams Hotel

Spenser stays at this posh hotel while he is in Washington D.C. so that Susan will be comfortable.

Mazza Mall

Spenser accompanies Susan on a shopping trip here.

Robert Browne's Office

Browne asks Spenser to meet him here, a pseudo-elegant chamber with faux-mahogany paneling on the walls.


Gerry Broz sells this in Washington...

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