The Widening Gyre Character Descriptions

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He is physically powerful, a former boxer who maintains his strength and agility with frequent jogs and long sessions at the Harbor Health Club. More important, however, are his strength of reasoning and clarity of thought.


She moves to Washington DC in order to take a job at a children's hospital. Her main motivation in moving away from Boston is not professional, however.

Meade Alexander

He campaigns on family values, Christian principles, and right-wing social reform. He is also married to a woman who drinks excessively.

Ronni Alexander

She adores her husband, speaks softly but with conviction, and appears to be a conservative, virtuous woman. However, it is all a front.

Paul Giacomin

This character visits Spenser on holidays, and has a relatively peaceful life. He is one of the few people in Spenser's life who can access his deepest thoughts and fears. His observations about...

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