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Holly Black
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Nicasia say has betrayed Jude in Chapter 5?

2. In Chapter 1, when is it planned that Taryn will marry Locke?

3. When Jude follows a tunnel from Cardan's bedroom in Chapter 5, where does she find herself?

4. In Chapter 8, when does the Bomb say that her people died?

5. What does Cardan ask Jude to do in Chapter 12?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Jude describe the woman she wants to interrogate from the Tower of Forgetting, and who does the Bomb say that the woman is?

2. How does Taryn look when Jude sees her at the beginning of Chapter 4?

3. What does Jude notice at the end of Chapter 11?

4. In Chapter 13, why does Madoc suggest that Jude give her opinion on the Undersea queen's threats?

5. Why does Tatterfell serve Madoc?

6. In Chapter 1, what does Jude say that she did five months ago?

7. In Chapter 6, how has Jude tried to anticipate the worst in the five months of her arrangement with Cardan?

8. What is Mithridatism, and who practices it and why?

9. What does Taryn ask Jude to do and why?

10. How does the level of debauchery in the place increase in Chapter 10?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the novel, humans can lie. Why is it so important that humans can lie, but Faerie Folk cannot? How do Faerie Folk get around the fact that they cannot lie? How do they use deceit instead?

Essay Topic 2

The protagonist in a novel is often the main character. The antagonist is usually the character that causes the most conflict for the protagonist. Who is the protagonist in the novel? Who is the antagonist? How does the protagonist deal with the conflict caused by the antagonist?

Essay Topic 3

Heather is Vivi’s girlfriend. What do Heather and Jude have in common? Why does Jude feel responsible for Heather, and how does that affect their relationship?

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