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Short Answer Questions

1. One day while walking the Paris streets, Stephen encounters her old Morton tutor Mademoiselle Duphot. Why is Duphot living in Paris?

2. What character is resentful of Jonathan's interference in Stephen's plans and future?

3. What is the name of Mademoiselle Duphot's blind sister, whom Stephen and Mary visit after returning from Orotava?

4. After Martin's return into Stephen's life, why does she spend so much time with him?

5. What is the ethnicity of the family employed to cook and clean for Stephen in her new home in Paris?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Martin threaten to leave Paris soon after he meets Stephen there?

2. How does Raferty prompt Stephen to return home to Morton?

3. How does Stephen trick Mary into leaving her, and what is Mary's reaction to this trick?

4. Why did Madamoiselle Duphot return to Paris after living for many years in England?

5. What gossip begins to emerge about Stephen and Mary while they are on their first vacation together?

6. What type of tour does Brockett give to Stephen once she arrives in Paris, and what is Stephen's reaction to the tour?

7. How does Stephen's work affect her relationship with Mary?

8. How do Barbara and Jamie die?

9. How do Stephen and Mary spend their evenings together in Paris when they are out with their group of friends?

10. How does Stephen react when World War I breaks out while she is living in Paris?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

While living in Morton, Stephen was introduced to the housemaid, Collins. First, describe Stephen's initial reaction to meeting Collins. Why did the girl feel such a connection to her maid? Then, describe how Stephen's relationship with Collins grew during the time of Collins's employment at Morton. What events eventually led to Collins being dismissed from the farm? How did this dismissal affect Stephen?

Essay Topic 2

Although Stephen's relationship with her mother is often strained, she is introduced to many other women who offer her affection and support. Choose two of these characters and describe their relationships with Stephen. Where did Stephen meet these women? What types of support did they offer to Stephen? What lessons did Stephen learn from these women at a time in her life when she desperately needed a mother?

Essay Topic 3

When the war begins, Stephen is quick to join the military forces. First, describe the job that Stephen is given once she joins the military. Then, describe the irony that Stephen notes about the country of France regarding women, specifically in wartime. How does this irony affect the way Stephen feels about herself as a person and about the country she is serving? Finally, describe the way the war affects Stephen both physically and emotionally. How does Stephen change, as a person, in the year that she serves?

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