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Short Answer Questions

1. During the time Stephen has spent away from Morton, what has she accomplished?

2. When showing Stephen around Paris, what does Jonathan primarily focus on revealing to her?

3. On vacation together, what activities do Stephen and Mary particularly enjoy doing?

4. In an attempt to relieve Barbara's condition, what does Stephen offer to Jamie and Barbara, only to be refused?

5. When war breaks throughout Europe, what military position does an energetic and patriotic Stephen join?

Short Essay Questions

1. After leaving the hospital, where does Stephen take Mary for vacation, and what does she realize about their relationship?

2. How does Stephen react when World War I breaks out while she is living in Paris?

3. How is Stephen injured during the war?

4. What type of tour does Brockett give to Stephen once she arrives in Paris, and what is Stephen's reaction to the tour?

5. What writing advice does Jonathan Brockett give to Stephen upon the release of her second novel?

6. How does Raferty prompt Stephen to return home to Morton?

7. What connection do Stephen and Wanda share with each other, particularly around Christmas time?

8. How does Stephen spoil Mary when they return to Paris after the war?

9. How does Stephen attempt to protect Mary while the two are serving together in the ambulance brigade during the war?

10. How does Mary feel when she learns that Martin is in love with her?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Barbara and Jamie have a very tumultuous, yet loving, lesbian relationship through which Stephen learns a lot about herself and her own relationship with Mary. First, describe the relationship between Jamie and Barbara. How do they function together as a couple on a daily basis? Then, describe how Jamie and Barbara are eventually separated? Why was this event of separation the only option for Jamie and Barbara at the time? Finally, describe what Stephen learned about grief and loss through watching Jamie and Barbara's relationship? How did this lesson affect Stephen's own relationship with Mary?

Essay Topic 2

When Stephen meets Martin Hallam, rumors about their relationship begin circulating throughout London. First, describe how Stephen and Martin first met. What was the nature of their relationship? How did the neighborhood react to the budding relationship between these two teenagers? Then, explain how the relationship between Stephen and Martin ended. How did the relationship with Martin affect Stephen's views of herself and the gossip surrounding her?

Essay Topic 3

When Stephen first met Angela, there was a mixed reaction to the relationship from Stephen's closest friends. First, describe Angela Crossby's character and explain why Stephen was so drawn to her romantically. Then, choose two characters that had opposing views about Stephen's relationship with Angela and explain those views here. What did some characters believe was positive about Stephen's love for Angela? What worried some characters about the effect Angela could have on Stephen's life? In the end, whose advice did Stephen listen to when addressing her relationship with Angela Crossby?

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