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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Stephen react when Angela has to cancel their afternoon together?

2. After witnessing Angela's late-night rendezvous and kiss, Stephen writes an extended letter, detailing her emotional pain, and sends it to Angela. What does Angela fear most about this scathing love note?

3. After Sir Phillip's death, what does Stephen decide for her education?

4. What name does Angela designate for her home?

5. Although Stephen professes to hate her studies, she reveals to her instructors an exceptional talent in which field?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Sir Phillip attempt to comfort Stephen after her fight with Collins?

2. How does Roger Antrim affect Stephen's relationship with Angela?

3. What relieves the tension in the Morton household around Christmastime when Stephen is eighteen years old?

4. What milestone does Lady Anna hope Stephen will meet by the time she is seventeen years old?

5. Where does Stephen meet Angela Crossby?

6. Where do Stephen and Angela share their first kiss?

7. Where do Stephen and Angela share their first date?

8. What family history does Angela reveal to Stephen upon returning home to The Grange from her vacation with her husband?

9. What gossip does Violet Antrim bring to Stephen immediately upon her return home from Cornwall?

10. Why doesn't Stephen like to spend time with the Antrim children?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

While living in Morton, Stephen was introduced to the housemaid, Collins. First, describe Stephen's initial reaction to meeting Collins. Why did the girl feel such a connection to her maid? Then, describe how Stephen's relationship with Collins grew during the time of Collins's employment at Morton. What events eventually led to Collins being dismissed from the farm? How did this dismissal affect Stephen?

Essay Topic 2

Although Stephen struggles to form close bonds with the people in her life, it is a completely different story with the animals in her life. First, describe the relationship Stephen has with the animals in her life and compare that to the relationship she has with people in her life. Then, choose one animal that Stephen forms a close bond with and describe one lesson Stephen learns from this animal. Finally, describe what you think Stephen's upbringing would have been like had she not had the solace of animals to keep her company.

Essay Topic 3

The Morton Property had many different managers. First, describe the time line of managers that took over Morton during the time that Stephen and her family lived there. Then, choose two of the different property managers and describe their management styles. What is the same about their styles? How did each come to managerial power at the Morton Property? What changes did they make while in charge? Finally, describe, in your own opinion, who was the best property manager to lead Morton Property?

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