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Short Answer Questions

1. In order to protect herself from possible accusations of infidelity, how does Angela explain her relationship with Stephen?

2. During her attendance at Lady Anna's social events, what term can best describe Stephen's behavior?

3. What characteristic traits can best describe Stephen's tutor, Mademoiselle Duphot, as their relationship develops?

4. Which of the following best describes Stephen's attitude before and during her second visit over tea with Angela?

5. Around age seventeen, Stephen is introduced to her mother's social scene. What is Lady Anna determined to find for her daughter?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Stephen's reaction to the news of her father's death?

2. How does Collins feel about Stephen when Stephen is a young child?

3. How does Puddle feel about Stephen's tumultuous relationship with Angela?

4. What milestone does Lady Anna hope Stephen will meet by the time she is seventeen years old?

5. What family history does Angela reveal to Stephen upon returning home to The Grange from her vacation with her husband?

6. What does Stephen discover when Angela cuts one of their dates in the park short, claiming to have a headache?

7. How does Stephen enjoy her vacation in Cornwall with her mother?

8. Which of Stephen's hobbies cause tension between Lady Anna and Sir Phillip?

9. What is the neighborhood's reaction to the news that Martin's relationship with Stephen has ended?

10. What purchase does Stephen make for Angela while on her way home from the vacation in Cornwall?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

A few years after leaving Morton, Stephen moves to Paris. First, describe the decision that led to Stephen deciding to move from England to France. What was she hoping to accomplish in France that she couldn't anywhere else in the world? Were Stephen's goals reached during the time she lived abroad? How can you tell? Finally, describe what the city of Paris symbolizes in Stephen's personal exploration. What aspects of Stephen's self-exploration are mirrored in the physical landscape of the city?

Essay Topic 2

When Stephen meets and falls in love with Angela Crossby, Stephen sees for the first time the inequality regarding gender in her society. First, describe how Stephen and Angela first met. Then, explain how Angela's reaction to Stephen's marriage proposal highlighted the inequality in genders in their society. What could a man offer to his spouse in this society that a woman could not? How did this gender inequality eventually affect the relationship between Stephen and Angela?

Essay Topic 3

Angela Crossby is an interesting character that helps to illuminate the way money affects society during the time that this novel is set. First, describe Angela Crossby's financial standing at the time when she first meets Stephen. Then, describe Angela's family history with money. How did her family's decisions affect her financial standing today? Then, explain how finances have affected Angela's romantic life, including her marriage and her relationship with Roger Antrim. How have finances affected Angela's relationship with Stephen, either positively or negatively?

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