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Short Answer Questions

1. With her new pet, what does Stephen demand of herself?

2. After hearing rumors of Angela's love life, what action does Stephen take in a desperate attempt to impress Angela?

3. When Lady Anna catches wind of her daughter's suspected relationship with Angela, were does she confront Stephen?

4. After Sir Phillip's death, who retires to a cottage on Morton property?

5. What ailment does Collins suffer with?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Sir Phillip die?

2. What is the neighborhood's reaction to the news that Martin's relationship with Stephen has ended?

3. How does Angela react to the emotional letter Stephen sends to her after their broken date in the park?

4. How does Stephen enjoy her vacation in Cornwall with her mother?

5. How does Puddle feel about Stephen's tumultuous relationship with Angela?

6. Where do Stephen and Angela share their first kiss?

7. How does Mademoiselle Duphot treat Stephen when she is hired by the family to help care for the girl?

8. What type of relationship does young Stephen have with the family housemaid, Collins?

9. What does Stephen name her second horse?

10. How does Roger Antrim affect Stephen's relationship with Angela?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Although Stephen's relationship with her mother is often strained, she is introduced to many other women who offer her affection and support. Choose two of these characters and describe their relationships with Stephen. Where did Stephen meet these women? What types of support did they offer to Stephen? What lessons did Stephen learn from these women at a time in her life when she desperately needed a mother?

Essay Topic 2

While she was growing up in Morton, Stephen had very different relationships with each of her parents. First, describe how Stephen's parents reacted, both as a couple and individually, to the news that they were expecting their first child. Were the parents' expectations met when Stephen was actually born? How did each of Stephen's parents deal with her "odd" personality, and how did their treatment of Stephen affect their relationship with their only child?

Essay Topic 3

Upon returning home to Paris, Stephen and Mary enjoy an idyllic life together. First, describe the different ways Stephen attempts to spoil Mary when they return to Paris after the war. What effect does Stephen's pampering of Mary have on their relationship? Then, describe the way Stephen's work affects her relationship with Mary. What is Mary's reaction to the realization that Stephen works diligently on her third novel? Upon returning to Paris, what seems to be more important to Stephen, her work or her relationship?

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