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Short Answer Questions

1. What was the result of Lady Anna's feeling of exclusion in her marriage with Sir Phillip?

2. In order to protect herself from possible accusations of infidelity, how does Angela explain her relationship with Stephen?

3. What is Angela's last name?

4. Where does Stephen witness Angela kissing another lover?

5. What character is secretly watching the drama unfold between Angela and Stephen, but out of fear, chooses not to offer advice and remain silent?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Stephen's reaction to the news of her father's death?

2. What purchase does Stephen make for Angela while on her way home from the vacation in Cornwall?

3. What event ends the relationship between Martin and Stephen?

4. What is Lady Anna's reaction when she realizes the truth about Stephen's relationship with Angela?

5. What relieves the tension in the Morton household around Christmastime when Stephen is eighteen years old?

6. Where do Stephen and Angela share their first kiss?

7. What does Stephen think about Angela's husband when she meets him for the first time?

8. How does Mademoiselle Duphot treat Stephen when she is hired by the family to help care for the girl?

9. What is the neighborhood's reaction to the news that Martin's relationship with Stephen has ended?

10. Why is Mademoiselle Duphot released from her services at Morton?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Although Stephen struggles to form close bonds with the people in her life, it is a completely different story with the animals in her life. First, describe the relationship Stephen has with the animals in her life and compare that to the relationship she has with people in her life. Then, choose one animal that Stephen forms a close bond with and describe one lesson Stephen learns from this animal. Finally, describe what you think Stephen's upbringing would have been like had she not had the solace of animals to keep her company.

Essay Topic 2

When Stephen meets and falls in love with Angela Crossby, Stephen sees for the first time the inequality regarding gender in her society. First, describe how Stephen and Angela first met. Then, explain how Angela's reaction to Stephen's marriage proposal highlighted the inequality in genders in their society. What could a man offer to his spouse in this society that a woman could not? How did this gender inequality eventually affect the relationship between Stephen and Angela?

Essay Topic 3

Upon returning home to Paris, Stephen and Mary enjoy an idyllic life together. First, describe the different ways Stephen attempts to spoil Mary when they return to Paris after the war. What effect does Stephen's pampering of Mary have on their relationship? Then, describe the way Stephen's work affects her relationship with Mary. What is Mary's reaction to the realization that Stephen works diligently on her third novel? Upon returning to Paris, what seems to be more important to Stephen, her work or her relationship?

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