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Short Answer Questions

1. As Sir Phillip and Stephen share their discussions, Lady Anna often feels left out. What is Sir Phillip's response towards his wife's displeasure?

2. Which of the following best describes Stephen's attitude before and during her second visit over tea with Angela?

3. What action does Lady Anna take after noticing her daughter's behavior towards the housemaid, Collins?

4. After Martin confesses his love for Stephen, how does he respond to Stephen's answer?

5. After Angela and Stephen reunite after a brief conflict, where do the Crossbys go on holiday?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Angela and Stephen deal with their relationship after Stephen's botched marriage proposal?

2. What relieves the tension in the Morton household around Christmastime when Stephen is eighteen years old?

3. Why doesn't Stephen like to spend time with the Antrim children?

4. What is the first real cause of tension in the relationship between Stephen and Angela?

5. What gossip does Violet Antrim bring to Stephen immediately upon her return home from Cornwall?

6. What does Stephen name her second horse?

7. How does Sir Phillip react when he learns that his wife is expecting their first child?

8. What milestone does Lady Anna hope Stephen will meet by the time she is seventeen years old?

9. What event ends the relationship between Martin and Stephen?

10. Where does Stephen meet Angela Crossby?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Many people in Stephen's life are involved in her career as a writer. First, describe Stephen's professional path to becoming a writer. Where was her first inspiration? Then, describe the critical acclaim she received for each of the three novels she published. What was Stephen's reaction to the fame that came from her writing career? Finally, describe what you believe was the best writing advice Stephen received during her career. Who did this advice come from? What was the effect of this advice on Stephen's professional life?

Essay Topic 2

When she is a child, Stephen has almost everything she could ever want while living in Morton. First, describe the setting of Morton for a young girl like Stephen to grow up in. What advantages did she have growing up there? How did each of her parents try to create the best life possible for Stephen? Then, explain why, even though her parents tried very hard to please her, Stephen still felt as though something was missing from her life.

Essay Topic 3

After moving to Paris, Stephen and Mary make a very close group of friends who share in their same lifestyle. First, describe three members of the group of friends. What lessons about homosexuality do Mary and Stephen learn from this new group of friends? What does each of the women, both Stephen and Mary, gain from having a group of openly gay friends in Paris? How does the feeling of camaraderie shape Stephen's view of herself and of her relationship with Mary?

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