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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3: Chapters 28-30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who at the Morton residence initially discovers the furiously written letter concerning Angela and Stephen's relationship?
(a) Lady Anna.
(b) Stephen.
(c) Williams, the old groom.
(d) Miss Puddleton.

2. Which of the following did Lady Anna shout once Stephen admits to falling in love with Angela?
(a) "You're forbidden from seeing her!"
(b) "I wish you had never been born!"
(c) "I'm so proud of you!"
(d) "I'm so embarrased. You've hurt that poor woman!"

3. What is the heartbreaking question Angela asks Stephen one day that reaffirms Stephen's fear of separation?
(a) "Is it safe that we stay together?"
(b) "Why can't you be normal?"
(c) "Can't you see that I love my husband?"
(d) "Can you marry me?"

4. After her heartbreaking discovery in Angela's garden, what does Stephen do as a consequence?
(a) She bursts through the bushes, screaming at Angela.
(b) She walks back to Morton, leaving her car near Angela's home.
(c) She passes out in the bushes while spying on Angela.
(d) She drives all night through the countryside.

5. Where do Stephen an Angela share their first kiss?
(a) In Anglea's kitchen after tea.
(b) While walking Angela's dog in the park.
(c) During Stephen's tour of the Morton property.
(d) In Stephen's study.

Short Answer Questions

1. Stephen and her father spend hours together in his study. What do they prefer to discuss?

2. Around age seventeen, Stephen is introduced to her mother's social scene. What is Lady Anna determined to find for her daughter?

3. How does Sir Phillip's accident occur?

4. Stephen and Martin gradually become close friends. What is the most possible explanation for this?

5. What character is considered to have entered at a critical moment in Stephen's life with a much needed female presence, professing that Stephen be proud of herself and her accomplishments?

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