The Well of Loneliness Character Descriptions

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Stephen Gordon

This character spends her entire life longing to be a boy, to live as a boy and do the things a boy can do, but ends up alone, praying that God will someday allow her to live accepted by all.

Sir Philip Gordon

This character is an excellent parent, ensuring that an only daughter has a good education, but this character dies in a tree cutting accident before explaining "the truth" about the child.

Lady Anna Gordon

This character lives side by side with a daughter, unable to take an interest in her life and eventually admits wishing that the daughter was dead rather than "odd."

Mary Llewellyn

This character is a nineteen-year-old Welsh orphan who fell in love after joining the Breakspeare Unit of the French Army Ambulance Corps.

Martin Hallam

This character is rejected after proposing marriage to a childhood friend but eventually grows...

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