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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Space Invaders," what does Frank say is true about his relationship with Eric?
(a) They love each other.
(b) They hate each other.
(c) They can get crazy together.
(d) They understand each other.

2. What does Frank say Eric did to the neighbors' dogs when he came home from school?
(a) He tied them to trees.
(b) He lit them on fire.
(c) He kicked them.
(d) He buried them alive.

3. While in Angus' study, what makes Frank cry?
(a) The potent chemicals.
(b) The genitals in a jar.
(c) The family picture on the desk.
(d) The test tubes.

4. What does Frank do after putting a wasp in the factory?
(a) Smokes a cigarette.
(b) Confesses his sins.
(c) Shakes it up.
(d) Lights candles.

5. What does Frank see on a phone pole in "The Prodigal"?
(a) A note from Eric.
(b) A dollar bill.
(c) His picture.
(d) An animal ear.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Frank consult the factory in "Space Invaders"?

2. Why do Frank's bombs explode in "The Prodigal"?

3. What is behind each number on the clock?

4. What does Frank do when he finds Eric sleeping in "What Happened to Me"?

5. What does Frank compare space invaders to?

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