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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Frank say probably happened to Esmeralda?
(a) She survived the ordeal.
(b) She landed in the sea.
(c) She never came down from the kite.
(d) She got caught up in trees.

2. Why doesn't Frank replenish his sacrifice poles in "The Snake Park"?
(a) Because someone is watching him.
(b) Because they are in good order.
(c) Because he can't visit them.
(d) Because they fell over.

3. When did Agnes return to Angus' house?
(a) Three years after leaving him.
(b) Two years after leaving him.
(c) One year after leaving him.
(d) Four years after leaving him.

4. What reason did Agnes give for leaving Angus?
(a) She didn't give an explanation.
(b) He was dangerous to be around.
(c) She was a poor mother.
(d) He was too weird.

5. What does Angus do for a living?
(a) He is a teacher.
(b) He is a scientist.
(c) He is a musician.
(d) He is a carpenter.

6. What is similar between Eric's mother and Frank's mother?
(a) They both are blond.
(b) They both left Angus.
(c) The both remarried.
(d) They both are tall.

7. What name does Frank give Old Saul?
(a) The mitigator.
(b) The taker.
(c) The castrator.
(d) The differentiator.

8. What does Angus say he did when Agnes returned home?
(a) Kicked her out.
(b) Gave him money to stay at a hotel.
(c) Let her stay.
(d) Took her to a hospital.

9. How does Frank feel about the measurement book?
(a) He doesn't know about the book.
(b) He hates quizzes.
(c) He loves measuring.
(d) He likes to read it secretly.

10. What does Frank say he did after the kite lifted Esmeralda in the air?
(a) Scream for help.
(b) Pretend to try to save her.
(c) Run the other direction.
(d) Fall to the ground.

11. What marriage was Agnes for Angus?
(a) His fourth.
(b) His first.
(c) His second.
(d) His third.

12. Where does Frank say his father got the cordite from?
(a) His uncle.
(b) His grandfather.
(c) The local college.
(d) His work.

13. Why does Frank say he used to buy gerbils from the pet store?
(a) To keep them as pets.
(b) To hunt them.
(c) To eat them.
(d) To give away to people.

14. Why does Angus walk with a stick?
(a) To hit people with as he passes.
(b) To help him balance.
(c) To make sound as he walks.
(d) The stick belonged to his father.

15. What did Frank do while Agnes was giving birth?
(a) Screamed.
(b) Slept.
(c) Cried.
(d) Stabbed himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. What nickname does Frank give his friend Jamie?

2. What does Frank say he hoped happened to Esmeralda?

3. What does Frank do when a bottle washes up on the beach?

4. How does Frank say he killed Blythe?

5. In "The Bomb Circle," what does Frank say he sometimes feels guilty about?

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