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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which uncle does Frank take the blame for his death?
(a) Athelwald.
(b) Leviticus.
(c) None of them.
(d) Harmsworth.

2. What was Frank holding onto when the search party for Esmeralda found him?
(a) A bunch of flowers.
(b) A handful of sand.
(c) Esmerelda's shoe.
(d) A piece of driftwood.

3. Where does Frank remember Paul's death?
(a) While telling someone about the bomb circle.
(b) While sleeping in the bomb circle.
(c) On the way to the bomb circle.
(d) After leaving the bomb circle.

4. What nickname does Frank give his friend Jamie?
(a) Jamie the fool.
(b) Jamie the judge.
(c) Jamie the drunkard.
(d) Jamie the dwarf.

5. Why does Frank say he used to bury mice and gerbils?
(a) He made sacrifices to Saul.
(b) He wanted to see how many he could bury.
(c) He looked for Saul's skull.
(d) He was bored.

6. What must Frank do to get to Rabbit Grounds?
(a) Take a boat.
(b) Go through a tunnel.
(c) Cross a bridge.
(d) Climb a tree.

7. Why was Old Saul upset when Agnes returned?
(a) Because she yelled at him.
(b) Because she ignored him.
(c) Because she had been gone for a long time.
(d) Because of the sound of her motorcycle.

8. How does Frank feel about his father's walking stick?
(a) It makes him feel like he is in trouble.
(b) It makes him angry.
(c) It makes him feel safe.
(d) It makes him sad.

9. What does Frank believe his father does in his study?
(a) Hides important documents.
(b) Runs a business.
(c) Conduct experiments.
(d) Something illegal.

10. In "The Snake Park," what does Frank take as an omen?
(a) Eric's return.
(b) His father's absence.
(c) His fight with the buck.
(d) The bombs not exploding.

11. What does Frank do when a bottle washes up on the beach?
(a) He puts it in his pocket.
(b) He looks inside of it.
(c) He ignores it.
(d) He tries to sink it.

12. What animal does Frank say Esmeralda may have eaten her?
(a) Sharks.
(b) Vultures.
(c) Eagles.
(d) Dogs.

13. Why does Frank burn the wasp in "In the Bunker"?
(a) To cleanse his own soul.
(b) To see a message from Eric.
(c) To bless the dead rabbits.
(d) To keep the poles safe.

14. What marriage was Agnes for Angus?
(a) His second.
(b) His first.
(c) His fourth.
(d) His third.

15. In "The Bomb Circle," what does Frank do at the Cauldhame Arms?
(a) Drinks too much.
(b) Eats dinner without paying.
(c) Buys explosives.
(d) Hits a girl.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where was Frank while Agnes gave birth?

2. What does Frank say when Angus accuses him of killing animals in "Sacrifice Poles"?

3. What did Frank paint on the kite he used to kill Esmeralda?

4. Where does Frank meet his friend Jamie in "The Bomb Circle"?

5. How does Frank get to and from town?

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