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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Running Dog.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Eric call from in "The Wasp Factory"?
(a) A truck stop.
(b) A vacation home.
(c) A pay phone.
(d) A hospital.

2. What does Frank say made Eric start drinking when he was going to college?
(a) Taking too many classes and a bad break up.
(b) Frank doesn't know for sure.
(c) A bad break up and experience caring for a child.
(d) Caring for a child and taking too many classes.

3. What does Frank use to trap wasps in wax?
(a) A candle making kit.
(b) Old crayons.
(c) Used candles.
(d) Beeswax.

4. What does Frank say insanity is a weak reaction to?
(a) Complications.
(b) Illness.
(c) Strife.
(d) Danger.

5. When did Agnes return to Angus' house?
(a) Four years after leaving him.
(b) Three years after leaving him.
(c) Two years after leaving him.
(d) One year after leaving him.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Frank say he felt when he found Saul's skull in the backyard?

2. Who does Mr. Mackenzie ask Frank about in "In the Bunker"?

3. In "Sacrifice Poles," what does Eric tell Frank about his location when he calls?

4. What does Frank sit and think about in his bunker?

5. In "The Bomb Circle," what does Frank say about the people inside him?

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