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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through What Happened to Eric.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Eric first starts college, what career does he choose?
(a) Education.
(b) Medicine.
(c) Law.
(d) Philosophy.

2. In "What Happened to Eric," what does Frank say about Eric's style of clothing?
(a) He once wore black for a year.
(b) He would go naked in public.
(c) He dressed like a girl at one point.
(d) He spent years wearing Angus' clothing.

3. What is similar between Eric's mother and Frank's mother?
(a) They both are blond.
(b) The both remarried.
(c) They both left Angus.
(d) They both are tall.

4. What does Frank burn the wasp on top of?
(a) Chemicals and books.
(b) Sugar and salt.
(c) Sugar and chemicals.
(d) Books and salt.

5. What does Frank say made Eric start drinking when he was going to college?
(a) Taking too many classes and a bad break up.
(b) Frank doesn't know for sure.
(c) A bad break up and experience caring for a child.
(d) Caring for a child and taking too many classes.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Frank say he felt when he found Saul's skull in the backyard?

2. Why does Frank say he used to buy gerbils from the pet store?

3. Why does Frank say Eric once spent years away with other relatives?

4. What does Frank say he started doing after his accident?

5. Who does Mr. Mackenzie ask Frank about in "In the Bunker"?

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