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The Sacrifice Poles

• Frank keeps poles with the heads of dead animals on them for protection.

• Eric escapes from the hospital.

• Frank has no official documentation.

• Eric calls and says he'll be home soon, even though it could cause problems.

The Snake Park

• Franks goes to hunt rabbits and gets into a fight with one.

• Frank says he killed three members of his family.

• Frank remembers the deaths of his uncles.

In the Bunker

• Frank uses a wasp cadaver that went through the factory as a sacrifice.

• Frank tries to receive a message from Eric, but fails.

• Frank goes to town where he is yelled at and insulted.

The Bomb Circle

• Frank has a naming ceremony for his new catapult.

• Frank admits feeling guilt.

• Frank remembers his mother who left shortly after he was born and blames her for his problems.

• Frank tells the story of how he...

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