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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Arriving in Matavai Bay, what do they see coming toward the Beagle?
(a) schools of porpoises
(b) many canoes launching from Tahiti
(c) floating logs from a recent tsunami
(d) Tahitians swimming out to greet them

2. What does Darwin see as the disadvantages such as monetary inflation and a sense of personal anonymity in Sydney?
(a) the number of criminals there
(b) an ineffective government
(c) the effects of rapid growth
(d) its distance from Europe

3. On his second attempt, what is Capt. Fitz Roy able to navigate successfully?
(a) the Great Barrier Reef
(b) the Strait of Magellan
(c) the Sea of Sighs
(d) the Antarctic Channel

4. On his way up the coast of Chile toward Copiapo, why does Darwin turn inland toward the mining area?
(a) The coastline becomes impassable.
(b) He does not find much of interest along the coast.
(c) He hears about strange plant life at the mines.
(d) He is bored looking at the sea all the time.

5. To what does Darwin compare the convict slave laborers in Australia?
(a) the conscripted military
(b) the slum dwellers of London
(c) the exiles on Devil's Rock
(d) the slaves of Africa

Short Answer Questions

1. How are Darwin and his Tahitian guides able to get inland on the island?

2. After sailing away from Chile, where does the Beagle go?

3. How does Darwin describe the dress of the Chilean miners?

4. What is a principal industry of Chile that Darwin observes?

5. What does Darwin observe along the rivers of the Andes?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain what Darwin observes after landing at Hobart Town on the island of Tasmania.

2. Relate what Darwin finds at Chatham Island in the Galapagos archipelago.

3. Explain Darwin's observations in the Galapagos that will later influence his scientific theories.

4. How does Darwin react to Sydney, Australia?

5. Tell something about the island of Chiloe.

6. How does Darwin describe a staple food on Tierra del Fuego?

7. How does Darwin describe the dress of the Chilean miner?

8. Summarize Darwin's classification of coral reefs.

9. What route does Darwin take back to Chile and what he discovers on the way.

10. Describe Darwin's exploration of the interior of the Tahitian Island.

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