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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who demonstrates their prowess with their spears launched with throwing sticks?
(a) Australian school children
(b) Australian aborigines
(c) Australian cowboys
(d) Australian soldiers

2. On his way up the coast of Chile toward Copiapo, why does Darwin turn inland toward the mining area?
(a) He hears about strange plant life at the mines.
(b) He is bored looking at the sea all the time.
(c) He does not find much of interest along the coast.
(d) The coastline becomes impassable.

3. What does Darwin observe along the rivers of the Andes?
(a) the calmness of the water
(b) the poverty of the people
(c) the richness of mineral resources
(d) the color of the water

4. What unusual thing exists on another island some miles away from Keeling Island?
(a) fresh water wells
(b) deciduous trees
(c) hot spring geysers
(d) strange monoliths

5. What feeds the inhabitants' pigs and a large kind of crab on Keeling Island?
(a) bananas
(b) berry bushes
(c) wild rice
(d) coconut trees

Short Answer Questions

1. Walking along a road cut through the landscape, what does Darwin reflect on?

2. What reception does the Beagle receive at New Zealand?

3. What does Darwin begin to notice about the different Galapagos islands?

4. From where do many of the people living in Port Louis come?

5. Arriving in Matavai Bay, what do they see coming toward the Beagle?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Darwin react to Sydney, Australia?

2. What evidence does Darwin find that sea beds are raised by nature to great heights?

3. Tell what Darwin sees back off the coast of Chile and how he assesses the sight.

4. Explain Darwin's impression of the geology of New Zealand.

5. Tell something about the island of Chiloe.

6. How does Darwin describe the countryside coming down off the Blue Mountain plateau?

7. Summarize Darwin's classification of coral reefs.

8. How does Darwin describe the dress of the Chilean miner?

9. Tell about the runaway sailors at the Chonos Archipelago.

10. Explain the problem of distance perception and atmospheric effects in the mountains.

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