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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Darwin find fossil rich deposits and evidence of a recent land elevation?
(a) near Perth
(b) Tasmania
(c) New South Wales
(d) Ayers Rock

2. What is located at the Bay of Valparaiso?
(a) the last Spanish trading post
(b) Horsetail Falls
(c) the first of the southern islands
(d) the primary Chilean seaport

3. Where does Darwin find mostly desert with a few mines of low quality here and there?
(a) the northern part of Chile
(b) the coastal part of Chile
(c) the central part of Chile
(d) the eastern part of Chile

4. Why do they have a problem with making a meal at 11,000 feet?
(a) Water boils at a very low temperature at this altitude.
(b) There are few sticks to use for making a fire.
(c) The wind blows out their fire.
(d) Their supplies are all frozen.

5. What does Darwin see as the disadvantages such as monetary inflation and a sense of personal anonymity in Sydney?
(a) an ineffective government
(b) the effects of rapid growth
(c) its distance from Europe
(d) the number of criminals there

Short Answer Questions

1. What turns out to be a raised plain about 3,000 feet above sea level?

2. What are the Kauai pine?

3. Who are the unusually tall people compared to other natives of the area?

4. After the miserable climate around Tierra del Fuego, what does Darwin enjoy about Chile?

5. What feeds the inhabitants' pigs and a large kind of crab on Keeling Island?

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