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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who invites Darwin to visit an estate near Rio de Janeiro?
(a) a wealthy Brazilian
(b) a Brazilian general
(c) an English landowner
(d) a French explorer

2. How does Darwin attempt to communicate with a large black man on a ferry?
(a) draws pictures
(b) talks loud and makes hand gestures
(c) points to what he wants
(d) pantomimes

3. What affirmation does Darwin make about the earth?
(a) life on earth is only near wateer
(b) there is no life in a salt lake bed
(c) some of the earth is inhabitable
(d) every part of the world is habitable

4. Where does Darwin travel with the company of a guide and five gauchos?
(a) Lima
(b) Buenos Aires
(c) Amazonia
(d) Machu Picchu

5. In addition to the volcanic formation of St. Domingo, what does Darwin notice about the island?
(a) large mud floes
(b) a band of chalk
(c) strange stratas of slate
(d) evidence of diamond formations

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Darwin surmise the butterflies and insects got to where the Beagle is?

2. What do the gauchos prepare for a meal on the island?

3. What animals had been introduced on East Falkland Island?

4. Why can two dead monkeys not be shaken out of a tree?

5. What is a particular riding skill of a gaucho?

Short Essay Questions

1. Briefly tell about the waterfowl Darwin catalogs on East Falkland Island.

2. How does Darwin describe the behavior of the guanaco he finds at the ruins of an old Spanish settlement?

3. What does Darwin surmise about the geology of St. Jago?

4. What occurs in the Plata estuary?

5. What does Darwin find to write about just outside of Maldonado?

6. At the first stop after Sao Jago, what are Darwin's observations?

7. What does Darwin write about how the gauchos break horses?

8. How do the people of Uruguay receive Darwin and what does he notice there?

9. What strange phenomenon occurs on the way to Port Desire and how does Darwin rationalize it?

10. Relate the circumstances of returning natives of Tierra del Fuego island.

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