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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are York Minster, Jemmy Button and Fuegia Basket?
(a) guides on Tierra del Fuego
(b) Natives of the Tierra del Fuego area
(c) Gauchos from Argentina
(d) Crewmen on the Beagle

2. Why is a puppy that will become a sheep dog put in with a herd to grow up?
(a) It grows up antagonistic to sheep.
(b) It grows up understanding what sheep say.
(c) It grows up loving sheep.
(d) It grows up believing it is a sheep.

3. What large bird does Darwin shoot up the Santa Cruz River?
(a) a pelican
(b) an ostrich
(c) an eagle
(d) a condor

4. What small bird resembles quail in its habits and snipe in its looks?
(a) the avioticus imbicilus
(b) the flightless pheasant
(c) the South American mockingbird
(d) the tinochorus rumicivorous

5. What does Darwin have to do for two days at the military encampment?
(a) catch up on entries in his journal
(b) little else but observe the natives
(c) classify the various fish caught in the Colorado
(d) listen to stories about native religion

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the inhabitants of a ranch north of the Polanco River find interesting when Darwin arrives?

2. What causes the different colored water Darwin sees after leaving Bahia?

3. What does Darwin collect traveling around Argentina?

4. Why can two dead monkeys not be shaken out of a tree?

5. What animal life does Darwin observe on the trail?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the rodents Darwin encounters outside Maldonado.

2. Describe the beginning of Darwin's trip around the world.

3. What does Darwin discover in the area of Bahia Blanca after the Beagle arrives and how does he theorize about his find?

4. What problem ensues after the Portuguese priest makes a kill in the forest?

5. At the Rio Negro, about 300 miles to the south of Maldonado, what is the evidence of political turmoil in South America?

6. Relate the circumstances of returning natives of Tierra del Fuego island.

7. Who does Darwin encounter at Las Minas and how does he size them up?

8. In three days at Socego, where does Darwin find insects to collect?

9. What does Darwin write about how the gauchos break horses?

10. Heading toward St. Fe, about 300 miles north of Buenos Aries along the Parana River, describe the strange animal Darwin observes.

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