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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is a puppy that will become a sheep dog put in with a herd to grow up?
(a) It grows up believing it is a sheep.
(b) It grows up understanding what sheep say.
(c) It grows up loving sheep.
(d) It grows up antagonistic to sheep.

2. How does Darwin attempt to communicate with a large black man on a ferry?
(a) draws pictures
(b) talks loud and makes hand gestures
(c) points to what he wants
(d) pantomimes

3. What does Darwin see at Punta Alta?
(a) a squirrel called rocky
(b) a man called horse
(c) a cat called gatito
(d) a skunk called a zorillo

4. Why is a tree Darwin comes across famous among the natives?
(a) It is the largest tree in South America.
(b) It can be seen for miles in any direction.
(c) It bears a medicinal fruit.
(d) It is revered as an altar to a god called Walleechu.

5. Where does Darwin stay at Socego?
(a) in makeshift tents
(b) the estate of Manuel Figuireda
(c) the Mandetiba inn
(d) with native Indians

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Darwin observed on the ship that lets out silk into the wind and takes flight over the ocean?

2. What small bird resembles quail in its habits and snipe in its looks?

3. What are the dates of Charles Darwin's life span?

4. What do the gauchos prepare for a meal on the island?

5. What does Darwin write that he found along the banks of the Santa Cruz River?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the problem Darwin faces when he returns to Buenos Aires.

2. Who does Darwin encounter at Las Minas and how does he size them up?

3. Describe two species of birds Darwin locates after he finds the fossils.

4. Describe the problem with getting three boats up the Santa Cruz River.

5. What does Darwin write about how the gauchos break horses?

6. What is Darwin given to eat at Tapalguen River?

7. Relate the circumstances of returning natives of Tierra del Fuego island.

8. Why is Darwin fascinated to find the flatworm in the mud around the salt lake?

9. At the first stop after Sao Jago, what are Darwin's observations?

10. What does Darwin find to write about just outside of Maldonado?

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