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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Darwin speculate the craggy boulders around the mountains were moved?
(a) by seismic activity
(b) by meteors
(c) by volcanic eruptions
(d) by floating icebergs

2. How does the Santa Cruz River bed change as Darwin moves upstream?
(a) from stones to marshy sand
(b) from red clay to smooth stones
(c) from sand and silt to polished granite
(d) from stones to black volcanic rock

3. What is Darwin's profession?
(a) a 19th century chemist
(b) a 19th century map maker
(c) a 19th century ship's captain
(d) a 19th century naturalist

4. What does Darwin find while exploring Cape de Verd?
(a) an amazing variety of strange plants
(b) remains of a forgotten 14th century civilization
(c) fossils of extremely large land animals
(d) a cemetery with headstones dating back to the 16th century

5. What is the guanaco Darwin sees on the way to the Sauce military outpost?
(a) a black toad with a red underbelly
(b) a large bird like a condor
(c) an extremely large lizard
(d) the wild version of the domesticated llama

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the Casarita meaning little house builder?

2. What are the two different styles Darwin uses in his journal?

3. What happened at Sierra Tapalguen the night before Darwin and company arrive at the nearby outpost?

4. Where does Darwin see a rocky, steep hill jutting about 1,000 feet into the sky?

5. In addition to the volcanic formation of St. Domingo, what does Darwin notice about the island?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the problem with getting three boats up the Santa Cruz River.

2. Describe the beginning of Darwin's trip around the world.

3. On his trip to Buenos Aires, What does Darwin have to observe?

4. What does Darwin write about how the gauchos break horses?

5. Describe two species of birds Darwin locates after he finds the fossils.

6. What is Darwin given to eat at Tapalguen River?

7. How does Darwin react to the selling of children as slaves as opposed to what the soldiers and the settlers think about it.

8. How does Darwin surmise that animals similar to Old World animals ended up in the Americas?

9. What problem ensues after the Portuguese priest makes a kill in the forest?

10. Describe the problem Darwin faces when he returns to Buenos Aires.

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