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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Darwin spend ten weeks at the mouth of the Plata River?
(a) a camp set up especially for him
(b) a small town named Maldonado
(c) in a Brazilian fort
(d) at a British outpost

2. After leaving the Santa Cruz River, where does the Beagle make its next stop?
(a) East Falkland Island
(b) Panama
(c) the Galapogas Islands
(d) Baja California

3. What is Capt. Fitz Roy's plan after anchoring at the mouth of the Santa Cruz River?
(a) to anchor there for the winter
(b) to spend a few weeks fishing
(c) to trade with natives who come in canoes
(d) to take boats up the river as far as he can

4. What is a sporting way gauchos sometimes dismount?
(a) slip off the back end of the horse
(b) step off a horse that is going down
(c) jump off a gallopiing horse
(d) do a flip off the horse at a sudden stop

5. What animal life does Darwin observe on the trail?
(a) mustangs and pheasants
(b) a rabbit-like creature called a bizcacha and a small owl
(c) llamas and ostriches
(d) pumas and wolves

6. What is Darwin's profession?
(a) a 19th century chemist
(b) a 19th century ship's captain
(c) a 19th century naturalist
(d) a 19th century map maker

7. Where does Darwin stay at Socego?
(a) the Mandetiba inn
(b) with native Indians
(c) the estate of Manuel Figuireda
(d) in makeshift tents

8. What amusing thing does Darwin witness outside of Monte Video?
(a) a chicken trying to scare a fox
(b) a rabbit hitching a rind on a crocodile
(c) a gaucho crossing a deep river with a reluctant horse
(d) a small owl trying to catch an anaconda

9. What do Darwin's discoveries cause him to think about?
(a) the many different kins of one species
(b) species unknown in Europe
(c) species that have become extinct
(d) the pre-historic geology

10. What is Darwin told about climatic events in the area?
(a) drought followed by floods
(b) heatwaves and cold spells
(c) rainfall changes in the course of rivers
(d) tidal waves and cyclones

11. What is one of the industries of the native population near the military post?
(a) weaving ponchos for gauchos
(b) trading horses they caught and trained
(c) making lazo, or lassos, for the gauchos
(d) making the round stones for the bolas

12. After the return to Rio de Janeiro, where does Darwin stay that is rich in resources for the naturalist?
(a) in a cottage on Botofogo Bay
(b) with the governor of Rio de Janeiro
(c) in a luxury hotel on Botofogo Bay
(d) in the center of the city

13. What does Darwin speculate about the continents?
(a) why they are so different
(b) shifts in the earth's teutonic plates
(c) a land bridge across what is now the Bering Strait
(d) volcanic anctions in all of them

14. What are the only two insects Darwin locates on St. Paul's Rocks?
(a) ticks and fleas
(b) grasshoppers and flies
(c) moths and ants
(d) spiders and parasites brought in on the birds

15. What is the composition of the Cape de Verd Islands?
(a) tectonic geology and biological diversity
(b) volcanic geology and not much vegetation
(c) volcanic geology with lush vegetation
(d) tectonic geology with sparce vegetation

Short Answer Questions

1. Sailing away from Rio de Janeiro, what does Darwin see?

2. Where does Darwin get his first walk through a rain forest?

3. What does Darwin speculate died out on the continent long before the Spanish arrived?

4. What is the Casarita meaning little house builder?

5. What does Darwin learn about the ostrich?

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