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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened at Sierra Tapalguen the night before Darwin and company arrive at the nearby outpost?
(a) an electrical storm that set the forest ablaze
(b) a hailstorm with hail as large as apples
(c) a tornado a mile wide
(d) an eclipse of the moon

2. Who does Darwin accompany while exploring around Botofogo Bay?
(a) a large bearded monkey
(b) his hired native guide
(c) an old Portuguese priest
(d) Capt. Fitz Roy

3. Who invites Darwin to visit an estate near Rio de Janeiro?
(a) an English landowner
(b) a Brazilian general
(c) a wealthy Brazilian
(d) a French explorer

4. How does Darwin end up bringing his own horse down?
(a) attempting to use a bola
(b) climbing up a ravine
(c) jumping over a cactus
(d) trying to lasso a steer

5. At Botofogo Bay, what does Darwin find that interests him?
(a) many species of planaria (flatworms)
(b) strange flesh eating fish
(c) new kinds of bees
(d) many species of birds

6. What does Darwin collect traveling around Argentina?
(a) common rocks and precious stones
(b) many species of quadrupeds, birds, lizards and snakes
(c) leaves, parasites, and ledgends
(d) fresh fruit to take back to the Beagle

7. In addition to the volcanic formation of St. Domingo, what does Darwin notice about the island?
(a) strange stratas of slate
(b) evidence of diamond formations
(c) large mud floes
(d) a band of chalk

8. What animal does Darwin find in small herds after arriving at Port Desire?
(a) the guanaco, rarely seen to the north, is abundant
(b) the llama, rarely seen outside of Peru
(c) the bizcacha, in communal burrows
(d) the deer, usually found in jungles

9. Leaving Monte Video, where is the Beagle headed?
(a) for Port Desire on the coast of Patagonia
(b) for Alaska
(c) for North America
(d) for Baja California

10. What do Darwin's discoveries cause him to think about?
(a) the many different kins of one species
(b) the pre-historic geology
(c) species unknown in Europe
(d) species that have become extinct

11. What causes the different colored water Darwin sees after leaving Bahia?
(a) variance in temperature
(b) undersea volcano eruptions
(c) small interlocking organisms
(d) color from iron oxide deposits

12. Who does Darwin encounter in the village of Las Minas?
(a) the gauchos
(b) some bandits
(c) the military
(d) the Incas

13. After leaving the Santa Cruz River, where does the Beagle make its next stop?
(a) East Falkland Island
(b) Panama
(c) the Galapogas Islands
(d) Baja California

14. What are two important items used by the gauchos?
(a) the lazo (lasso) and the bola
(b) rifles and bows
(c) blow guns and spears
(d) knives and pistols

15. How does Darwin describe Gen. Rosas?
(a) as a fat, jolly man who loves to talk
(b) as a masterful horseman who dresses like the gauchos
(c) as a tall thin man who does not wear his uniform well
(d) as a disturbed man who wants to be in Buenos Aires

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Darwin attempt to communicate with a large black man on a ferry?

2. What do Darwin and his companions find at the Colorado River?

3. What does Darwin see along the way where robbers hide and cattle can be lost?

4. What is the guanaco Darwin sees on the way to the Sauce military outpost?

5. What does Darwin discover that some small owls eat by examining the contents of their stomachs?

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