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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Darwin get his first walk through a rain forest?
(a) the interior of Uruguay
(b) the south of Chile
(c) Fernando Noronha Island
(d) the Brazilian state of Bahia

2. How does Darwin describe Gen. Rosas?
(a) as a tall thin man who does not wear his uniform well
(b) as a fat, jolly man who loves to talk
(c) as a disturbed man who wants to be in Buenos Aires
(d) as a masterful horseman who dresses like the gauchos

3. What does Darwin collect traveling around Argentina?
(a) leaves, parasites, and ledgends
(b) many species of quadrupeds, birds, lizards and snakes
(c) common rocks and precious stones
(d) fresh fruit to take back to the Beagle

4. What are two important items used by the gauchos?
(a) rifles and bows
(b) knives and pistols
(c) the lazo (lasso) and the bola
(d) blow guns and spears

5. After leaving the Santa Cruz River, where does the Beagle make its next stop?
(a) the Galapogas Islands
(b) East Falkland Island
(c) Baja California
(d) Panama

6. Where does Darwin see camphor, pepper, cinnamon and clove trees, along with breadfruit, jaca and mango?
(a) in a Brazilian marketplace
(b) the Botanical Garden
(c) deep in the Brazilian jungle
(d) the edge of the sea

7. What does Darwin see at Punta Alta?
(a) a man called horse
(b) a squirrel called rocky
(c) a cat called gatito
(d) a skunk called a zorillo

8. What does Darwin discover about fifteen miles from Patagones?
(a) a volcanic crater
(b) a salt lake
(c) a sand dune mountain
(d) a tar pit

9. How does Darwin attempt to communicate with a large black man on a ferry?
(a) points to what he wants
(b) draws pictures
(c) pantomimes
(d) talks loud and makes hand gestures

10. What does Darwin observe that is formed by lightning hitting the hills and traversing through the sand?
(a) veins of gold
(b) glass tubes
(c) silicone balls
(d) black glass

11. What does Darwin see along the way where robbers hide and cattle can be lost?
(a) thick copses
(b) dark hollows
(c) many rocky caves
(d) vast expanses of thistles

12. What happened at Sierra Tapalguen the night before Darwin and company arrive at the nearby outpost?
(a) an electrical storm that set the forest ablaze
(b) a tornado a mile wide
(c) a hailstorm with hail as large as apples
(d) an eclipse of the moon

13. How do Darwin and the soldiers make their way toward Buenos Aires?
(a) riding llamas over the mountains
(b) moving down and following the coastline
(c) mostly hiking over the mountains
(d) moving from outpost to outpost

14. What is one of the industries of the native population near the military post?
(a) making lazo, or lassos, for the gauchos
(b) weaving ponchos for gauchos
(c) trading horses they caught and trained
(d) making the round stones for the bolas

15. What does Darwin compare to the taste of veal?
(a) puma meat
(b) llama meat
(c) lizard meat
(d) armadillo meat

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Darwin end up bringing his own horse down?

2. What has Darwin observed on the ship that lets out silk into the wind and takes flight over the ocean?

3. What is Capt. Fitz Roy's plan after anchoring at the mouth of the Santa Cruz River?

4. What is the Casarita meaning little house builder?

5. What animal does Darwin find in small herds after arriving at Port Desire?

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