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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the only two insects Darwin locates on St. Paul's Rocks?
(a) spiders and parasites brought in on the birds
(b) grasshoppers and flies
(c) moths and ants
(d) ticks and fleas

2. What animal is a scavenger for hard objects it piles at the entrance to its burrows?
(a) the packrat
(b) the iguana
(c) the bizcacha
(d) the toucan

3. Where does Darwin travel with the company of a guide and five gauchos?
(a) Amazonia
(b) Lima
(c) Buenos Aires
(d) Machu Picchu

4. What are the two different styles Darwin uses in his journal?
(a) clergyman and scientist
(b) biologist and engineer
(c) scientist and journalist
(d) explorer and philosopher

5. Why can two dead monkeys not be shaken out of a tree?
(a) they are held by other monkeys
(b) the grip of their large hands
(c) the grip of their prehensile tails
(d) they are wedged in the branches

6. What is the guanaco Darwin sees on the way to the Sauce military outpost?
(a) the wild version of the domesticated llama
(b) an extremely large lizard
(c) a large bird like a condor
(d) a black toad with a red underbelly

7. How does the Santa Cruz River bed change as Darwin moves upstream?
(a) from sand and silt to polished granite
(b) from stones to black volcanic rock
(c) from stones to marshy sand
(d) from red clay to smooth stones

8. Who are the people living on Tierra del Fuego?
(a) Argentinians
(b) abandoned African slaves
(c) Spanish settlers
(d) primitive and impoverished natives

9. What is the composition of most of the rock formations on the Brazilian coast?
(a) limestone
(b) marble
(c) iron
(d) granite

10. After leaving the Santa Cruz River, where does the Beagle make its next stop?
(a) Baja California
(b) East Falkland Island
(c) the Galapogas Islands
(d) Panama

11. Where does Darwin see camphor, pepper, cinnamon and clove trees, along with breadfruit, jaca and mango?
(a) in a Brazilian marketplace
(b) deep in the Brazilian jungle
(c) the Botanical Garden
(d) the edge of the sea

12. Upon Darwin's return to Buenos Aires, what is going on?
(a) a revolution
(b) a celebration
(c) a serious drought
(d) an international meeting

13. What affirmation does Darwin make about the earth?
(a) every part of the world is habitable
(b) life on earth is only near wateer
(c) some of the earth is inhabitable
(d) there is no life in a salt lake bed

14. At Botofogo Bay, what does Darwin find that interests him?
(a) many species of planaria (flatworms)
(b) many species of birds
(c) strange flesh eating fish
(d) new kinds of bees

15. What do the inhabitants of a ranch north of the Polanco River find interesting when Darwin arrives?
(a) the odd clothes that Darwin wears
(b) the pictures Darwin draws of plants and insects
(c) the color of Darwin's skin
(d) Darwin's compass and maps and phosphorous matches

Short Answer Questions

1. What animals had been introduced on East Falkland Island?

2. What does Darwin observe that is formed by lightning hitting the hills and traversing through the sand?

3. What does Darwin learn about the ostrich?

4. What does Darwin have to do for two days at the military encampment?

5. After the return to Rio de Janeiro, where does Darwin stay that is rich in resources for the naturalist?

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