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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Darwin compare to the taste of veal?
(a) puma meat
(b) armadillo meat
(c) lizard meat
(d) llama meat

2. What is Darwin's assessment of the natives on Tierra del Fuego?
(a) They are stupid because of inbreeding.
(b) They are an advanced civilization.
(c) They are intelligent enough to someday become civilized.
(d) They are too primitive to civilize.

3. What is the Casarita meaning little house builder?
(a) a species of armadillo
(b) a snake that builds mounds of rock
(c) a kind of rabbit that nests in trees
(d) a bird that digs long holes into its underground nest

4. What does Darwin write that he found along the banks of the Santa Cruz River?
(a) prehistoric fossils
(b) large apes
(c) nothing new or of great interest
(d) kangaroo tracks

5. What animal is a scavenger for hard objects it piles at the entrance to its burrows?
(a) the toucan
(b) the packrat
(c) the iguana
(d) the bizcacha

6. What is the composition of the Cape de Verd Islands?
(a) tectonic geology with sparce vegetation
(b) tectonic geology and biological diversity
(c) volcanic geology with lush vegetation
(d) volcanic geology and not much vegetation

7. How does Darwin end up bringing his own horse down?
(a) jumping over a cactus
(b) climbing up a ravine
(c) trying to lasso a steer
(d) attempting to use a bola

8. What marine creature does Darwin discover off of St. Domingo that he keeps in his cabin?
(a) a sea slug
(b) an octopus
(c) a starfish
(d) a cuttlefish

9. Where do the people show hospitality and allow Darwin to stay at various outposts and ranches?
(a) Paraguay
(b) Peru
(c) Galapogas
(d) Uruguay

10. What is the composition of Sierra de la Ventana?
(a) largely limestone
(b) largely white quartz
(c) mostly granite
(d) mostly ignecious rock

11. What is Capt. Fitz Roy's plan after anchoring at the mouth of the Santa Cruz River?
(a) to anchor there for the winter
(b) to trade with natives who come in canoes
(c) to take boats up the river as far as he can
(d) to spend a few weeks fishing

12. What is an important occupation for the gauchos?
(a) breaking horses
(b) trapping pumas
(c) carrying the mail
(d) making whisky

13. Leaving Monte Video, where is the Beagle headed?
(a) for Alaska
(b) for Baja California
(c) for Port Desire on the coast of Patagonia
(d) for North America

14. Who does Darwin accompany while exploring around Botofogo Bay?
(a) Capt. Fitz Roy
(b) an old Portuguese priest
(c) his hired native guide
(d) a large bearded monkey

15. Who takes Darwin and his gaucho companion to a mountain called the Sierra de la Ventana?
(a) a local rancher
(b) a friendly native
(c) a military guide
(d) a Portuguese priest

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Darwin see at Punta Alta?

2. Where does Darwin see camphor, pepper, cinnamon and clove trees, along with breadfruit, jaca and mango?

3. What does Darwin discover about fifteen miles from Patagones?

4. In addition to the volcanic formation of St. Domingo, what does Darwin notice about the island?

5. What does the man think Darwin is going to do?

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