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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Darwin discover about fifteen miles from Patagones?
(a) a salt lake
(b) a sand dune mountain
(c) a volcanic crater
(d) a tar pit

2. What does Darwin discover had happened at El Carmen or Patagones?
(a) a volcano had erupted fifty miles away
(b) wild natives had attacked and destroyed the ranches
(c) forest fires had decimated the area
(d) a cyclone had flattened all the vegetation

3. Why does sea salt work better than lake salt as a preservative?
(a) Sea salt is purer than lake salt.
(b) Sea salt contains other chemicals that aid in preservation.
(c) Sea salt is more plentiful.
(d) Sea salt contains more sodium chloride.

4. What is Capt. Fitz Roy's plan after anchoring at the mouth of the Santa Cruz River?
(a) to anchor there for the winter
(b) to spend a few weeks fishing
(c) to take boats up the river as far as he can
(d) to trade with natives who come in canoes

5. What are the two different styles Darwin uses in his journal?
(a) scientist and journalist
(b) clergyman and scientist
(c) biologist and engineer
(d) explorer and philosopher

6. Where do seals and penguins surround the ship and make noises that resemble cattle?
(a) headed north from Rio de Janeiro
(b) just of the coast from Rio de Janeiro
(c) off the coast of Antarctica
(d) the Plata estuary

7. What is an important occupation for the gauchos?
(a) trapping pumas
(b) carrying the mail
(c) breaking horses
(d) making whisky

8. Who are York Minster, Jemmy Button and Fuegia Basket?
(a) guides on Tierra del Fuego
(b) Gauchos from Argentina
(c) Crewmen on the Beagle
(d) Natives of the Tierra del Fuego area

9. What does the kingfisher use to collect its food?
(a) sharp eyesight to spot fish near the surface
(b) sharp talons to catch small fish
(c) a high sound that paralyzes fish
(d) a scissor beak used to skim the water and catch small fish

10. What do Darwin and his gaucho companion hear at the Sauce outpost?
(a) stories about strange animals in that area
(b) stories about a volcanic eruption in another area
(c) stories about a Spanish warship
(d) stories about the battles between the army and natives

11. How does Darwin end up bringing his own horse down?
(a) jumping over a cactus
(b) climbing up a ravine
(c) trying to lasso a steer
(d) attempting to use a bola

12. What are the dates of Charles Darwin's life span?
(a) Jan. 6, 1818 to Dec. 3, 1900
(b) Feb. 12, 1809 to April 19, 1882
(c) Aug. 12, 1829 to Feb. 20, 1903
(d) May 14, 1850 to June 19, 1922

13. What does Darwin find in the area of Bahia Blanca?
(a) the dry bed of an inland sea
(b) evidence of a major earthquake
(c) the fossilized skeletons of huge animals
(d) large reptiles that attack cattle

14. What is a sporting way gauchos sometimes dismount?
(a) step off a horse that is going down
(b) jump off a gallopiing horse
(c) do a flip off the horse at a sudden stop
(d) slip off the back end of the horse

15. What does the man think Darwin is going to do?
(a) strike him
(b) give him money
(c) push him into the water
(d) make him work

Short Answer Questions

1. Leaving Monte Video, where is the Beagle headed?

2. Who does Darwin encounter in the village of Las Minas?

3. On the way after Monte Video, what surrounds the Beagle?

4. How does Darwin speculate the craggy boulders around the mountains were moved?

5. How does Darwin attempt to communicate with a large black man on a ferry?

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