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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Darwin and his companions find at the Colorado River?
(a) an abandoned military fort
(b) a military encampment headed by General Rosas
(c) a ferry to get them to the other side
(d) many fishing villages

2. What is the composition of Sierra de la Ventana?
(a) largely white quartz
(b) mostly granite
(c) mostly ignecious rock
(d) largely limestone

3. What animal is a scavenger for hard objects it piles at the entrance to its burrows?
(a) the iguana
(b) the toucan
(c) the bizcacha
(d) the packrat

4. What is the sociological condition in Brazil that disturbs Darwin?
(a) poverty
(b) anarchy
(c) hegemony
(d) slavery

5. How does Darwin describe Gen. Rosas?
(a) as a fat, jolly man who loves to talk
(b) as a tall thin man who does not wear his uniform well
(c) as a masterful horseman who dresses like the gauchos
(d) as a disturbed man who wants to be in Buenos Aires

6. What do the gauchos bring down using their bolas?
(a) birds, monkeys, or crocodiles
(b) trees, cacti, or boulders
(c) game, cattle, horses, or humans
(d) elephants, lions, and kangaroos

7. What does Darwin discover that some small owls eat by examining the contents of their stomachs?
(a) grain and insects
(b) eggs and other birds
(c) fruit and vegetables
(d) mice and snakes

8. What does Darwin speculate died out on the continent long before the Spanish arrived?
(a) boars
(b) horses
(c) tigers
(d) armadillos

9. Leaving Monte Video, where is the Beagle headed?
(a) for Port Desire on the coast of Patagonia
(b) for Alaska
(c) for North America
(d) for Baja California

10. What do the gauchos prepare for a meal on the island?
(a) puma steaks
(b) a spit roasted wild goat
(c) a boneless roast with the hide still on the meat
(d) a soup made with a large turtle

11. On the way after Monte Video, what surrounds the Beagle?
(a) a swarm of butterflies and other flying insects
(b) schools of dolphins
(c) hostile natives in canoes
(d) man eating sharks

12. Where does the Beagle anchor at Tierra del Fuego island?
(a) the Bay of Good Success
(b) the Bay of Good Hope
(c) the Bay of Bengal
(d) the Bay of Santiago

13. Where do the people show hospitality and allow Darwin to stay at various outposts and ranches?
(a) Uruguay
(b) Galapogas
(c) Paraguay
(d) Peru

14. What does Darwin see at Punta Alta?
(a) a man called horse
(b) a cat called gatito
(c) a squirrel called rocky
(d) a skunk called a zorillo

15. What animals had been introduced on East Falkland Island?
(a) sheep and house cats
(b) goats and koalas
(c) kangaroos and ostriches
(d) a herd of cattle and rabbits

Short Answer Questions

1. Sailing away from Rio de Janeiro, what does Darwin see?

2. Where does Darwin see a rocky, steep hill jutting about 1,000 feet into the sky?

3. What has Darwin observed on the ship that lets out silk into the wind and takes flight over the ocean?

4. After the return to Rio de Janeiro, where does Darwin stay that is rich in resources for the naturalist?

5. Who does Darwin accompany while exploring around Botofogo Bay?

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