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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the gauchos prepare for a meal on the island?
(a) a spit roasted wild goat
(b) a soup made with a large turtle
(c) puma steaks
(d) a boneless roast with the hide still on the meat

2. What is Capt. Fitz Roy's plan after anchoring at the mouth of the Santa Cruz River?
(a) to spend a few weeks fishing
(b) to take boats up the river as far as he can
(c) to trade with natives who come in canoes
(d) to anchor there for the winter

3. Where does Darwin stay at Socego?
(a) the estate of Manuel Figuireda
(b) in makeshift tents
(c) with native Indians
(d) the Mandetiba inn

4. What animal does Darwin find in small herds after arriving at Port Desire?
(a) the bizcacha, in communal burrows
(b) the llama, rarely seen outside of Peru
(c) the deer, usually found in jungles
(d) the guanaco, rarely seen to the north, is abundant

5. What does Darwin speculate about the continents?
(a) a land bridge across what is now the Bering Strait
(b) volcanic anctions in all of them
(c) shifts in the earth's teutonic plates
(d) why they are so different

6. On the way after Monte Video, what surrounds the Beagle?
(a) schools of dolphins
(b) hostile natives in canoes
(c) a swarm of butterflies and other flying insects
(d) man eating sharks

7. On the way to Santa Fe, what makes the road very difficult, especially for the many carts with huge wheels?
(a) recent heavy rains
(b) very narrow trails in some places
(c) occasional battles with natives
(d) rockslides off the mountains

8. What does Darwin find in the Santa Fe area?
(a) the shell of a gigantic armadillo and a fossilized horse tooth.
(b) evidence of dinosaurs
(c) fossilized crustations from an inland sea
(d) tar pits and mammoth tracks

9. What does Darwin find while exploring Cape de Verd?
(a) fossils of extremely large land animals
(b) remains of a forgotten 14th century civilization
(c) a cemetery with headstones dating back to the 16th century
(d) an amazing variety of strange plants

10. What do the Brazilian villages remind Darwin of?
(a) the Hottentot dwellings of Southern Africa
(b) paintings of early Egypt
(c) settlements on Cape de Verd
(d) Scottish villages

11. What do Darwin's discoveries cause him to think about?
(a) the many different kins of one species
(b) the pre-historic geology
(c) species unknown in Europe
(d) species that have become extinct

12. What does Darwin do during his three-day stay in Socego?
(a) climbs trees
(b) catch up on his sleep
(c) go hungry
(d) collects insects within the forest

13. What does the kingfisher use to collect its food?
(a) sharp talons to catch small fish
(b) sharp eyesight to spot fish near the surface
(c) a scissor beak used to skim the water and catch small fish
(d) a high sound that paralyzes fish

14. Where does the Beagle anchor at Tierra del Fuego island?
(a) the Bay of Good Hope
(b) the Bay of Bengal
(c) the Bay of Good Success
(d) the Bay of Santiago

15. What is the Casarita meaning little house builder?
(a) a snake that builds mounds of rock
(b) a bird that digs long holes into its underground nest
(c) a kind of rabbit that nests in trees
(d) a species of armadillo

Short Answer Questions

1. What animal life does Darwin observe on the trail?

2. Who does Darwin encounter in the village of Las Minas?

3. What does Darwin see along the way where robbers hide and cattle can be lost?

4. How does Darwin describe Gen. Rosas?

5. Leaving Monte Video, where is the Beagle headed?

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