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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one of the industries of the native population near the military post?
(a) weaving ponchos for gauchos
(b) making the round stones for the bolas
(c) making lazo, or lassos, for the gauchos
(d) trading horses they caught and trained

2. Why is a puppy that will become a sheep dog put in with a herd to grow up?
(a) It grows up believing it is a sheep.
(b) It grows up antagonistic to sheep.
(c) It grows up loving sheep.
(d) It grows up understanding what sheep say.

3. What animals had been introduced on East Falkland Island?
(a) a herd of cattle and rabbits
(b) sheep and house cats
(c) kangaroos and ostriches
(d) goats and koalas

4. At Botofogo Bay, what does Darwin find that interests him?
(a) many species of birds
(b) many species of planaria (flatworms)
(c) new kinds of bees
(d) strange flesh eating fish

5. What are two important items used by the gauchos?
(a) blow guns and spears
(b) the lazo (lasso) and the bola
(c) knives and pistols
(d) rifles and bows

6. What does Darwin find in the Santa Fe area?
(a) fossilized crustations from an inland sea
(b) tar pits and mammoth tracks
(c) the shell of a gigantic armadillo and a fossilized horse tooth.
(d) evidence of dinosaurs

7. Upon Darwin's return to Buenos Aires, what is going on?
(a) a celebration
(b) a revolution
(c) a serious drought
(d) an international meeting

8. After leaving Las Minas, what does Darwin see near marble outcroppings?
(a) pygmie hippopotamuses
(b) giant land turtles
(c) kangaroos and wallabies
(d) large flocks of ostriches roaming the land

9. In addition to the volcanic formation of St. Domingo, what does Darwin notice about the island?
(a) evidence of diamond formations
(b) a band of chalk
(c) strange stratas of slate
(d) large mud floes

10. How does Darwin end up bringing his own horse down?
(a) trying to lasso a steer
(b) attempting to use a bola
(c) climbing up a ravine
(d) jumping over a cactus

11. How does Darwin speculate the craggy boulders around the mountains were moved?
(a) by volcanic eruptions
(b) by meteors
(c) by floating icebergs
(d) by seismic activity

12. What does Darwin find while exploring Cape de Verd?
(a) an amazing variety of strange plants
(b) a cemetery with headstones dating back to the 16th century
(c) remains of a forgotten 14th century civilization
(d) fossils of extremely large land animals

13. What does Darwin discover had happened at El Carmen or Patagones?
(a) forest fires had decimated the area
(b) a volcano had erupted fifty miles away
(c) wild natives had attacked and destroyed the ranches
(d) a cyclone had flattened all the vegetation

14. What does Darwin find in the area of Bahia Blanca?
(a) the fossilized skeletons of huge animals
(b) evidence of a major earthquake
(c) the dry bed of an inland sea
(d) large reptiles that attack cattle

15. What does Darwin see at Punta Alta?
(a) a squirrel called rocky
(b) a man called horse
(c) a skunk called a zorillo
(d) a cat called gatito

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the Beagle anchor at Tierra del Fuego island?

2. What does Darwin see along the way where robbers hide and cattle can be lost?

3. Where does Darwin spend ten weeks at the mouth of the Plata River?

4. Where does Darwin see a rocky, steep hill jutting about 1,000 feet into the sky?

5. What does Darwin speculate about the continents?

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