The Voyage of the Beagle Character Descriptions

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Charles Darwin

A naturalist commissioned by the King of England to take a five-year voyage and report back on his findings.

Captain Fitz Roy

He commands the Beagle, the ship upon which Charles Darwin takes his trip around the world.


These men are known for their horsemanship and use of the bola.

General Rosas

A popular military leader in Patagonia.

Jemmy Button

A native of Tierra del Fuego who returns to his home island near the Strait of Magellan.

York Minster

A native of Tierra del Fuego who quickly reverts to the native ways and takes a young, attractive woman as his wife.

Fuegia Basket

An especially attractive young woman, notable in that she picks up languages easily.

Chilean miners

Exploited workers who nonetheless prefer what they do to working on a farm.


Living on a beautiful island that supports a wide diversity of fruits, vegetables...

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