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Chapter 1

• Darwin begins his scientific observations at St. Jago (Sao Tiago), the primary island in the Cape de Verd group located to the west of Africa.

• It is clear that his investigations will include flora and fauna, geological formations, and sociological differences he encounters.

• His journal records the detail with which he makes his careful observations and establishes his credentials as a good choice for such a scientific expedition.

• From the beginning of the journey, Darwin begins collecting specimens to send back to England.
• The Beagle sets sail across the Atlantic, navigating close to St. Paul's Rocks, about 600 miles east of Brazil, indicating the planned course for circumnavigation of the globe.

• The first islands visited by Darwin have little to report of interest to the purpose of the trip.

• The state of Bahia in Brazil gives Darwin his first opportunity to observe a rain forest with its vast...

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