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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is not considered a public project?

2. What country did Rand live in throughout her adulthood?

3. According to Ayn Rand, the major problem of socialism is the denial of what type of rights?

4. What method does Rand give for implementing her government financing plan?

5. Which American group does Rand attack in her essay, "Collectivized Ethics?"

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Ayn Rand, what are the benefits one can gain from living a social existence?

2. Explain the notion of "collectivized ethics" as mentioned in Ayn Rand's essay, "Collectivized Ethics."

3. Explain the idea of "Collectivized Rights" as Rand describes.

4. What does it mean to live an existence of stagnation, according to Nathaniel Branden? What scenarios does Nathaniel Branden present in his explanation?

5. How does Louis XIV fit into Ayn Rand's discussion in her essay, "The Monument Builders?"

6. Does Ayn Rand believe that a society must devise a moral code? How should a society decide upon a moral code?

7. Explain why Ayn Rand is against collectivized ethics.

8. How does Ayn Rand describe "Socialism" in her essay, "The Monument Builders?"

9. How does Ayn Rand believe that a government should finance itself in a free society?

10. What are Ayn Rand's views on mandatory taxation?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Using Rand's objectivist theory, explain why it is rational to aid others in an emergency situation. How does this differ from Rand's belief about helping others in a situation which is not considered an emergency?

Essay Topic 2

Explain self-interest and its connection to reason as well as in terms of the choices one may make when motivated by self-interest.

Essay Topic 3

From what you know of Rand and her relationship with Branden, is it possible for a person to care for other human beings without violating the theory of Objectivism? Explain.

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