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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rand states that judgment is a ______ action to commit.
(a) Correct.
(b) Professional.
(c) Difficult.
(d) Moral.

2. How does Rand define "society" in a basic sense?
(a) The downfall of the individual.
(b) A collection of individuals.
(c) The most efficient way of governing the earth.
(d) A group governed by a government.

3. What word does Rand state that philosophers substitute for God?
(a) Society.
(b) Satan.
(c) People.
(d) The Church.

4. Finish the statement. "A" is _________.
(a) Proportionate to Z.
(b) A.
(c) A in the Actual Reality.
(d) To B as B is to C.

5. How does Western Society deem moral judgment?
(a) Good.
(b) Irrational.
(c) Awful.
(d) Evil.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rand claim that Objectivists ethics are in the essay on Objectivist ethics?

2. What type of scheme does Branden's essay on Mental Health versus Mysticism attempt to illustrate?

3. What does Rand claim about the existence of compromise?

4. What basis are you acting on if you audition for a Broadway show, after wanting to become a singer, you are an extremely competent singer, and you have performed on stage before?

5. According to Rand, compromise is synonymous with relinquishing one's ____________.

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Nathaniel Branden, why is mental health needed for human life and survival?

2. What does Ayn Rand believe happens in the process of a compromise?

3. How might society commonly define compromise?

4. How must one first begin to identify what is gray, according to Ayn Rand?

5. According to Rand, how must people evaluate their own rational self interest in a given situation?

6. What commonly upheld principle does Rand deem evil in Western Society as stated in her essay on living a rational life?

7. Why is Ayn Rand so against compromise?

8. How might one find pleasure in doing productive work?

9. According to Nathaniel Branden, why do mystics decree pride as an evil?

10. Explain the point Branden asserts at the beginning of "The Psychology of Pleasure."

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